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The 20 Best GIF Images to Share on Whatsapp & Facebook – Funny & Real Life

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We tried to collect the most popular moments captured on the Internet’s during the 2017 year. Watch and share the top funny and humorous GIF images on Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter and more. Explore best gif images animated videos below.

1 dad reflex 2 children

dad saved children

This dad is wonderful who saved his kids from a car accident.

Beware the Black Ice

black ice sliping

It is scary, ruthless stuff, tricky, that black ice. It is not easy to walk on black ice. I wonder if the roads were any better.

Infant unit nurses when the earthquake hits the hospital

infant nurses earthquake

These nurses are awesome and real-life superheroes who saved trolleys from falling on the floor.

It’s all downhill from here

best gif images

This guy was in the hurry that’s why he avoided using of stairs.

Ferrari Brakes On Carpet

Ferrari on the carpet

Ferrari was coming too fast in this event. Suddenly driver pressed the brake button and result is on the stage.

When a Dad is at home

father life

This guy’s Wife asked: “How’s your day going?” Here is the answer.

10-hour time-lapse of big barn raising

faster architecture worker

Amish workers built a small barn in just 10 hours which is to fast.

Risky, but still clean

school stairs children

This school boys proved that they do not require a lift in the school because they have another idea which is faster than electric lift.

Amtrak Train collides with a track full of snow

icebreaker gif

It is called icebreaker. People were recording this scene and underestimated how much flying ice was about to hit their faces.

WWE Fight: Player in Trouble

wwe fight gif

This move’s called the armadillo and a big jocks.

Two dudes make their own party outside the disco

club party

Nice idea! When the boxers don’t let you go inside, make your own club.

How’ve these guys turned the day to night

solar eclipse

What really happens during a solar eclipse. This video is perfect to see.

This little girl is in hurry to enter the home.

home door

It’s a bit breezy out there today. Little kids have such strong grips. Take care of your children.

Grand opening by a Tortoises.

What an idea to choose a Tortoises for an inauguration. Tortoises are going extinct in some part of the world.

Overjoyed woman tears off her black burqa

Woman rips off burqa after ISIS is driven from Raqqa.

Buzz Aldrin’s reaction to Donald Trump’s space speech

donald trump gif

Focus on the Buzz Aldrin face. Sometimes he looks very serious and sometimes surprised.

Involuntary Super Saiyan transformation

winds power

Never underestimate the power of the winds. I think the wind was trying to tie her dye hair.

Lambo drivers don’t need to pay to park

lambo in parking

This is major benefits of Lamborghini.

Singapore building structure.

interlace singapore
The Interlace is the most completed building structure in the world. It is 1000 unit apartment building complex in Singapore.

Perfect paper airplane setup

airplane paper

This is called innovation.

Bollywood at it finest.

bollywood movie bahubali

This image shows Bollywood did a great job in Bahubali movie.

Hope you enjoyed and shared these animated GIFs. Please don’t forget to send us if you have any better gif file or link. We will upload your image to this list.

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