Most Viewed Videos on Youtube

Top 10 Most Viewed Videos on Youtube till now in Various Categories

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Most Viewed Videos on Youtube

Hope Everybody is existed to know about the most viewed videos on YouTube till now. We have filtered the top 10 categories or keywords (e.g. Song, Movies, Recipe, Fashion Show, Health and Fitness etc.) data using view count option on YouTube. These statistic are only based on English queries. Here are the results:

1. Song: “Sorry by Justin Bieber”. This video on the top positions with the 3 Billions+ views.

2. Movie: “Can’t Stop The Feeling!” Official Movie Clip. This clip has 330 Millions+ Views so far.

3. Smartphone: ADDICTED TO YOUR SMARTPHONE? and has 21M+ Views.

4. Recipe: “Gordon Ramsay’s Scrambled Eggs” Recipe come on the top with 29M+ views when we search ‘recipe’ term.

5. Travel: Zorb at Sea Challenge video has seen 20M+ time.

6. Sex: Existed! Hottest Movie Sex Scenes video has 153M+ Views.

7. Fashion: This amazing Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show video has 70M+ views. Watch and Enjoy the perfect combination of music and models catwalk.

8. Nature: This video shows the wonderful and beautiful scenes of our Nature. It has 33M+ Views.

9. Health and Fitness: Following video at the peak with 12M+ views in this category.

10. Home Decor: Want to make your home stylish and unique then watch 29 Easy Crafts Ideas at Home in this video. It is viewed 23M+ time.

Hope you will enjoy this post. Let us know if you found any highly popular video on Youtube and please also share this post link on social media channels, Thank you!

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