5 Glass Shower Door Ideas For Small Bathroom

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Glass shower enclosures are incorporated in modern bathrooms due to the contemporary look they introduce. Homeowners prefer installing glass shower enclosures as compared to the traditional bathrooms settings. For home or office owners that have shower enclosures, they are required to invest in beautiful glass doors that can complement the entire bathroom outlook. There exist different designs of glass bathroom shower door ideas that can be installed in different bathrooms.

A homeowner may decide to install a hinged or sliding glass door. However, this may be dependent on the cost of each door, the design and the available space in the bathroom. For houses that are spacious, having hinged doors is the most preferred option. However, the bathrooms with limited spaces, having sliding doors is most preferred. This helps in the maximum utility of the limited space while also making your bathroom more elegant. If you are confused about the type of glass door you should have for your small bathroom, you will find this article helpful or visit here.

Glass Shower Door Ideas for Bathroom

Sliding Frameless Shower Door

Sliding shower doors are mostly used in confined spaces. When you are facing challenges in organizing your bathroom, installing a sliding shower door should do the trick for you. Usually, the shower door should be of considerable size such that when it opens, it leaves enough space for the user to go through. Sometimes, there may be installation glitches whereby the sliding door does not provide enough space for the user to pass through. Interior designers normally check the space available before making a decision on which side the door should slide too. The door should be designed to slide in the direction that has sufficient space. A common mistake by homeowners is putting the glass shower door to open in a direction that may cause disruption when there is a user in the bathroom. To avoid such occurrences from happening, the homeowner should take precise dimensions of the bathroom so that they can buy a glass shower door that fits precisely on the best glass shower door or the wall.

Corner Shower Doors

In most homes that have confined spaces, installing corner shower enclosures is a normal thing. Having a corner shower helps to save on the available space in the bathroom. Usually, the homeowner is required to buy a glass shower door to fit into the shower enclosure without causing a distraction. In such a situation, a corner shower enclosure should be installed at the corner that is furthest from the entry door. The glass shower door could either be sliding or hinged. The hinged door would, however, take up more space when opening due to the angle of rotation. The decision on the type of door to be installed is dependent on the available space for the door rotation. If you feel you have sufficient space to allow for a hinged door, then you may install a hinged corner shower door.

Circular Shower Door

Having a circular shower enclosure in your home transforms it into a more contemporary look. A circular glass door is suitable to be installed in a circular glass shower enclosure. Ideally, the glass shower enclosure may be installed at the center of the room on a wall. If you have confined bathroom space, you may consider installing a circular shower enclosure in your bathroom which will allow you also to install a circular glass shower door. For most homes, eh circular glass shower door is sliding. The installation is done in such a manner that when the door slides, it does so around the circular sower enclosure panels. The panels are well rounded, and when the door is well installed, it sides smoothly over the glass panels.

Glass Door With Towel Bars

Having a confined bathroom makes it challenging to add many accessories. Towel bars may be included on the glass shower doors of a bathroom in a limited space. The towel bars should, however, be installed on the outer side of the door such that they act as both towel bars and door handles. This is a technique that makes your small bathroom to be more contemporary while you explore the endless possibilities of your design options. The towel bars are, however, suitable for the hinged doors.

Folding Shower Glass Door

A folding door is a popular choice among homeowners who have bathrooms with limited space. The glass door is created with several joints where it can be safely folded to create an entrance. The door acts more like a sliding door except that it does not slide over the glass panels of the shower enclosure. It folds along the joints and becomes smaller making it easy to use the mirror and glass in the bathroom. If you have had confusion about the type of door you can have for your bathroom enclosure, you should consider having a folding type.

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