An Easy Guide to Penny Loafers: Choosing the Right Shoe

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The iconic Penny Loafers are back in the shoe game and for good reasons. Characterized as the Casual choice, yet worn by many businessmen, is also considered to be a classic, yet is now being preferred by the fashion world today. Still, a lot of men are not totally convinced with the idea of wearing Penny Loafers. The Penny loafers are very versatile and elegant and can put all your shoe styling stress to rest. These loafers are fuss-free practical shoes that come in various designs making them one of the most alluring and all-rounder shoes to wear. Pennies are widely known as slip-on shoes having a small detail on the vamp.

The Origins of Penny Loafers

In the year 1934, G.H. Bass began designing loafers called the ‘Weejun’ which had a leather strip across them. A simple yet classy style is what defines these Italian shoes. They can be very easily blended into formal attire without looking out of place. The penny loafers were said to have multiple origin stories and one of them is that they were first brought to the fishermen in Norway. Later, in the early 1930s, European travelers took an interest in the pennies and went on to design and craft the loafers that we all know and love today.

In the early 50s, Students in American colleges took the loafers into the spotlight and made them popular. Penny Loafers have been in the shoe game for a long time but have gained recognition in recent years. They are classic, smart, and comfortable and will be a worthy addition to your collection. These loafers are effortless to wear that can be styled for any social event.

What are Penny Loafers?

In simple words, these shoes are an easy-to-go pair of shoes with no lace system to give you an effortless experience. They have a moccasin style attached to the sole and heel.

Italian Shoes Company is a brand dedicated to producing world-class Italian Shoes with the most premium leather at hand. Our penny loafers are one of the hot sellers right now. With an extensive range of eye-catching colors and traditional yet modern designs, our loafers are a must-have. Buying a pair of pennies for the first time can be tricky. You must know what kind, style, and look are you going for before investing in these shoes and so we are here to make that easy for you. Here’s an easy guide to Penny Loafers.

Some Tips to follow:

  • Select a pair of shoes with trustable and reliable craftsmanship made by skilled artisans. Our selection of pennies captures the real essence of elegance, grace, and comfort. This type of loafer is known for its elegant and classy designs. Our craftsmen work dedicatedly to make shoes with mind-blowing modern yet traditional designs to give you a unique experience.
  • The leather is what most of the time defines a pair of shoes, especially penny loafers men. Be careful while selecting your penny loafers as premium leather is what sets you apart quality and long-lasting pair of shoes. Our shoes are handcrafted with Italy’s most exotic leather which is both eco-friendly and durable. We incorporate luxe quality leather which makes our shoes the best in town.
  • Durability is a vital point to consider while looking for these loafers. Do not compromise on the quality of shoes as they will not be strong or reliable enough. Penny loafers are here to stay in the fashion industry for a long time and you’ll need one in your collection. Our loafers are constructed to provide ultra-durability and flexibility, compared to other brands. Our loafers are made to be timeless works of art. Another benefit to getting our shoes is that they are effortless to clean and take care of. With a few regular cleaning steps, your shoes will last you a lifetime.


Penny Loafers men are definitely one of a kind, from their design to their wearability, they have always been a pair of great importance in the fashion industry. From summer casuals to winter wear, they can be worn all year round and will be a valuable asset in your collection. There are a bunch of different types of penny loafers from backless to heeled ones, we hope with this guide, you now have an understanding of these loafers and how to style them according to your personality. Italian Shoes Company offers a wide variety of penny loafers men for you to choose from. Head to our online store today.

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