How the Sun Never Sets in the Island of Fiji

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Sun-Never-Sets-Island-FijiThe past few months have been torture. Slowly, the world is adapting to the pandemic. Tourist sites are gradually opening itself to the public. The travel industry is, indeed starting to recover. People are returning to work, and schools are being resumed. Along with this, people are now more willing to travel. With this near semblance to normalcy, families, employees, and students can enjoy grad tours like schoolies 2020, which feature a bustling yet relaxing lush paradise-like Fiji.

Sunset at the beach

After the last several months, your patience must have been tested to the extremes. The restrictions that the government has enforced this pandemic have dampened many travel-loving spirits. With this, more people have become more stressed out. Consistent stress is a serious matter as studies have found out that stress is linked with critical illnesses such as cardiovascular diseases and cancer. Similarly, studies have also found out that besides being at peace with yourself – observing greenery and enjoying sunsets at the beach with people who you connect with can significantly reduce stress.

In planning a holiday, you don’t need additional stress. You are planning for a trip to unwind and destress. Look for itineraries that contain well-thought-of itineraries. Fiji islands are an awesome place for basking on the beaches snorkel over coral reefs cruise sightseeing, scuba diving and enjoy the natural beauty

A spa at the end of the day

Some people say that great massage makes you so relaxed that your breathing slows down and you become happier. As science explains it, your muscles become relaxed and, blood circulation is improved.  Just like exercise, endorphins are released during a massage. Also known as happy hormones, endorphins bring a sense of euphoria and make you calmer. You can even try the local Fijian massage. This traditional Fijian massage uses the edges of the feet to reach those deep tissue aches. After a fun day of partying and swimming with your friends or family, make sure to end the day at a relaxing note. Nothing beats an end-of-day relaxing massage organized by your expert tour coordinator.

A fun party

Social media may have been front and centre during quarantine; however, going out there, mingling with others, and experiencing life as it should be lived is what “social” should be about. Remember when your parents would urge you to pause your video game and play outside? Your elders are right. A little playing and conversing with other people are good for you.

Imagine mingling and conversing with people who have the same interests and activities? Here is where you can truly connect – invigorating music with pleasant and mind-provoking conversations. Even scientists agree that one trait that ensured the survival of modern man is the appreciation for social interaction.

The online world may bring a memorable experience, but feeling the sand under your feet and seeing and hearing the roar of the sea is a worthy experience. Conversing with fellow travellers and locals will teach you many things, including acceptance. Travel is not just about the destination or food. Some people who interact with different people tend to be less judgmental. This is a different world, true.

Now, after being cooped up for months, fewer people are taking for granted being outdoors. A movement is rapidly moving with a powerful message: Let’s put the social back in social.

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