How To Turn Your Conservatory Into A Much More Usable Space

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In the UK for more than half a century, conservatories have been the most popular and affordable method of extending a house. They were easy to design and install, took benefits of simpler planning regulations, and as such were not as expensive to construct as a traditional brick extension. 

However, conservatories tend to be cold in the winter and hot in the summer, and the way they are built means that designs were very basic. Today, homeowners are looking not only for something a bit more special in design but also for cost-effectiveness in both build and running costs. 

Conservatories have been bought smack, bang into the 21st century by Guardian SIP panel extension kits. You can either just replace the roof on a conservatory so that you get better insulation, so it’s cool in the summer and hot in the winter, meaning you can use it all year round or you can build from scratch using modular designs that are very cost-effective, hardy and can be built very quickly. With simplified planning permissions, they are the real deal when you want to extend and get more usable space in your home. 

So, now you have your new room, which is usable every day of the year, what are you going to do in it? Here are some ideas of how you can use the extra space in your conservatory or orangery. 

Now it’s as insulated and comfortable as any other room in your house how about adding a sofa bed which can be used during the day as another reception room and then at night as an extra bedroom. Adding an extra bedroom to a 3-bed property, for example, could add on average around £25,000 to your property overnight, if you pardon the pun. 

If you want a dining experience away from the kitchen then you could always set up a nice dinner party in your lovely new room. If it’s a more practical option you are after then you can easily set up your home office, away from all the other distractions now that more and more people are starting to work from home. Or if you have young children, you can turn it into a nursery or if they are teenagers even a games room complete with pool table, darts, x-box and TV. That’ll keep them in there and away from you forevermore. Or if you are that way inclined how about a meditation and relaxation area for you to just get away from it all. 

As you can see, and we’ve only scratched the surface really, making use all year round of an extra room in your house can be achieved pretty easily, you just need either a new guardian roof on your existing conservatory or If you haven’t yet got a conservatory then check out the ease in which you can add a new modular SIP panel guardian room to your house. 

The new garden rooms can also perfectly match your current render or stone to make the additional room look like it’s been there from when the house was built, another reason why planning permission is so easy to get. 

We hope that this article, written in collaboration with BJC Joinery Ltd, leaders in Conservatory Conversions Edinburgh, has opened your thoughts into getting another room for your house or making more use of your current conservatory by adding a new conservatory roof. It’s amazing to think just how much your home life can improve by adding just one more usable room to your property. Thanks very much for reading and we hope you enjoy the extra space.



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