What is Coronavirus in China and How Can It Spread?

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what-is-Coronavirus-how-it-spreadA new Coronavirus is never seen before in humans has been discovered. It can cause serious lung disease. How worried should we be?

What is the Coronavirus virus?

This new virus is similar to SARS which killed hundreds of people in early 2002 and 2003. There’s no suggestion so far this latest one will prove. As deadly it is. A virus that is part of the Coronavirus family. It is a respiratory virus.

Of these, viruses typically affect the respiratory tract and this new virus symptom a similar to other rouge viruses such as flu-like fever, coughing and breathing difficulties. Personal survey cases can cause Pneumonia and so far they have been four deaths linked to it. Authorities confirm that the virus can be passed from person to person.

Where Does It Come From and Spread?

It probably was first transmitted to the human’s body from animals. It said to have originated from a seafood market in Wuhan. Very populated city in central China the original source is on nine. But the market has a loss of wild. Animals like chickens and facts. Which could have spread the virus. But the new study says “Coronavirus source could be snakes”.

How Many People Have Been Infected?

Around four hundred people in China, have been reported with the virus. Experts have estimated that the number is actually closer to thousands. But they have been two cases in Thailand, one in Japan and one in South Korea. The death toll in China’s coronavirus goes up to 9.

But those were people who recently traveled. From Holland. When it makes its way to the U. K. Some worry that the virus could be spread by the hundreds of millions of people.

Traveling to China for Chinese New Year so China is taking preventative measures. Airport and railway stations they’ve installed infrared thermometers to screen for the virus.

Currently, there do not have direct anti-coronavirus treatment. Only personal and hospital care is giving. But doctors and researchers are finding the cause and treatment for this coronavirus.

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