6 Stats Which Tells Why You Should Be Advertising On Amazon

Advertising On Amazon

Amazon has become a titan in the eCommerce industry, where it leads the sector without any doubt. And it is continuing to expand by producing new goods, making acquisitions, and providing a variety of different service options, all of which are helping to expand its client base. Amazon has increased the size of its target market in an effort to reach as many people as possible. Furthermore, it’s doing a fantastic job since there appears to be something for everyone else on the Amazon marketplace. The popularity of online shopping continues to grow, and consumers increasingly turn to Amazon for almost everything, whether it’s for ordinary groceries or festive presents.

If you are searching for an online channel to increase your sale, then check here the most enticing stats of Amazon before you head towards finding the Amazon advertising cost.

1. Amazon currently sells more than 12 million different items

For Amazon to fulfill its purpose of assisting consumers in “discovering everything they might just want to purchase online,” it is critical that it offer as many diverse things as possible, from as many different sectors as possible.

Amazon has marked an incredible 12+ million goods, including groceries, music, movies, household items, wine, and other services, among other things.

If you include the things sold by Amazon Marketplace merchants, the total number of products sold is closer to 350 million, according to the company. This is excellent for Amazon, but it might be difficult for sellers to navigate. The competitive environment is at an all-time high on a platform that is constantly looking to expand its product offerings. You can grab such an opportunity at a very low Amazon advertising cost if you take the help of an expert.

2. Over 400 billion sales

There’s no wonder that Amazon is already one of the most successful digital advertising marketplaces of the past 10 years, considering its global e-commerce sales of over 400 billion dollars as well as the fact that millions of internet users visit its website on any given day. When measured in billions of dollars, Amazon’s global ad revenue will have reached an impressive 31 billion dollars in 2021. Given that the retailer is continuously expanding not only the service portfolio but also its impacts on the worldwide internet landscape, Amazon is offering technology companies like Google and Facebook a run for their money. Amazon advertising plays an essential role, it ensures higher ROI as compared to the amazon advertising cost.

3. Fastest growing website

According to statistics, Amazon is the fourth biggest website in the United States, with more than 2 billion visitors every month, and has more than 300 million active users. As a result, establishing a greater presence on Amazon makes a great deal of sense.

Furthermore, Amazon searches have a high level of purchase intent, which means that consumers who encounter your advertising are eager to make a purchase. Furthermore, well-crafted ad campaigns not only help you generate more sales but also help you increase your organic rankings and brand recognition on Amazon, which are both beneficial.

It’s no surprise that 32 % of sellers believe that being able to benefit from very low Amazon advertising cost results in higher sales.

4. Customers trust Amazon

Customers have faith in Amazon. There’s a valid explanation behind this. According to a poll of more than 2000+ Amazon consumers in the United States, 89 % of purchasers say that they are more inclined to purchase things from Amazon than from other online retailers (Feedvisor, 2019). The fact that Amazon is at the heart of e-commerce cannot be overstated. This was especially true for clients who made repeated purchases of merchandise from internet retailers. Customers who shop on Amazon daily or almost daily, as well as those who shop on Amazon a few times each week, think that Amazon is more appealing to them than its competitors (98 percent vs. 99 percent). For consumers, Amazon is dedicated to offering a consistently dependable online buying experience on its website. As a merchant, you can use this vast market at a very low Amazon advertising cost for your business.

5. People turn to Amazon for almost everything

In January 2021, more than 36% of Amazon consumers purchased their groceries using the online retailer’s platform (Statista).

Because of the lockdowns imposed by the epidemic, many people have turned to the internet to purchase their food rather than going to the shop. The proportion of Amazon customers who purchased food online climbed from 33% in January 2020 to 36% in January 2021. Amazon may very well become the new standard for food shopping for the majority of homes as a result of this significant increase in sales. Amazon advertising companies help you in harnessing the power of amazon against a very little Amazon advertising cost.

6. Amazon is the global leader in eCommerce

A significant 50 % share in the eCommerce business has been amassed by Amazon. However, it is the fact that they are so far ahead of the competition that is truly astounding. eBay finished in second place with a meager 6.6 percent of the market, followed by Apple and Walmart, each of which had roughly 4%. This is vital for Amazon sellers to understand so that they may direct their marketing efforts in even the most effective manner possible.

Final thought

We believe that now you must know the dominance of Amazon in the global eCommerce industry. If you are a merchant or seller, you should put some effort into Amazon advertising that will help you in reaching your targeted customers in no time for a higher conversion rate. If you wish to know about the Amazon advertising cost and other details you can contact the experts online.

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