All You Need to Know About Baby Fever Bath

Baby-Fever-BathWhen you have a child, the joys of raising and seeing them grow is unmatched with any other. Your child will seem like the cutest, bubbliest being to have ever been born and you may even feel overwhelmed with the love you feel for the little one.

You want to do all possible things to ensure your child has the best of everything and that they are safe and protected at all times. When your child gets hurt or cries out, you feel the pain. Having a child is a beautiful and very emotional experience.

When your kid shows signs of falling sick, it can be a terrifying experience for you, especially if it is your first child. Child fever is one of the worst things a new mom will experience. In case of high fever, it is recommended to visit a Doctor, but fever or a slight temperature is very common in young babies in their early childhood.

What to do when my child has a fever?

When your child gets sick, the first thing most moms do is panic. Well, remind yourself that fevers are normal in young children. A fever is only a baby’s defense mechanism against germs. The body raises the temperature so that the germs cannot thrive in the body. Assess the situation first, figure out the temperature, and discuss with your partner what you should do.

Infants of 3 months or younger, with temperatures over 100-100.4 degrees Fahrenheit, need to be taken to a child specialist or a pediatrician. Children who are between the ages of three to six months will be okay with home remedies until their temperature reaches up to 102.2 degrees Fahrenheit. Temperature above this should be taken seriously and you must take them to the doctor.

Fevers on their own aren’t harmful to children, but sometimes kids with underlying diseases will show symptoms of fever or fall ill with a fever very often. Taking them to a pediatrician, even if it seems to get better after a while, is the best thing you can do. This allows the specialist to take some tests and ensure that there is no underlying condition or anomaly.

Baby Fever Baths

A very common home remedy to reducing a fever in your child is to give them a baby fever bath. There is a lot of confusion regarding this concept and whether it will make your child feel better or will worsen their case.

Here is how you can do it without having to be confused or afraid:

  • Always bathe your child in lukewarm water and never in hot or cold water directly.
  • Have your child relax in the lukewarm water for 10 to 15 minutes to decrease the temperature. Do not leave them alone at any point and if they seem uncomfortable, pull them out and dry them off.
  • Make sure the temperature stays lukewarm. If it begins to get cold, you can try and manage the temperature after you pull your child out of the baby fever bath.
  • Gently massage your child with baby lotion or baby oil after they’re dry.

Keep your child well-rested and keep a check on them constantly. Ask your pediatrician about the baby fever bath and see if it may affect your child in any way because of their unique conditions.

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