Hacks to Get Qualified Leads for Small Business with Google Ads Management

Google Ads Management LeadsThere are multiple challenges that small businesses face. And they require innovative solutions to compete in your market.

Google Ads management offers an effective way to reach your target audience even if you are on a small budget.

Be it a startup or an established small business, these hacks will help you get qualified leads and introduce you to PPC (pay per click) and the strategies to make the most of this marketing method.

So let’s see how Google Ads management is possible without burning a hole in your budget:

Look for Less-Targeted Keyword Niches

Keywords are a critical element of any PPC campaign. One should perform competitor analysis to find niche keywords that are not as heavily targeted as others.

Now take the example below. The ones with higher volume are going to be costly.


For a small business with a relatively smaller marketing budget, try and find keywords relevant or related to your niche that is significantly cheaper.

Low volume keywords can

  • Ultra-relevant – Especially long-tail keywords are relevant for your target audience and lead to conversions.
  • Building interest – They give opportunities to build interest around a small or new niche.
  • Have better ROI – They drive conversions that offset the cost of the content itself.
  • Diversity – Give you a wide variety of low-volume keywords at once, multiplying your traffic potential.
  • Commercial intent – Capitalise “buying” keywords that attract users who are ready to buy your product or sign up.

Optimize Quality Score

You have to understand the ads quality score and its impact on your CPC and ad rankings?

As per Google, Quality Score is an estimate of the quality of your ads, keywords, and landing pages. The higher the quality of ads, the lower prices and better ad positions.

When your QS is higher for your AdWord campaign as compared to competitors, you pay less to acquire clicks and leads. With budget-friendly online ads, you increase your chance of a conversion.

Managing Google ads is simple. Getting QS is simple.

  • Log in to your Ads account
  • Click the Campaigns tab
  • Select the Keywords tab
  • Click on the white speech bubble
  • View ratings for expected click-through rate, ad relevance, etc.

Keep an on competitors

Google Ads management is all about outsmarting your competitors. Unravel the secret of your competitor rankings. For this, you can use tools like SpyFu.com to check out your competitor’s best-performing keywords.

This applies to both organic listings and paid ads:

Using this simple tool, you know a lot about your competitor. Through this, you also get the option to bid on the same keywords that they’re targeting or choose a different set of keywords.

With analytics on their ad copy, you can create even more effective ads that’ll compel and convert your target audience by clicking on the text ad or even ad extension.

Optimise for mobile platforms

The world is going mobile-friendly. Utilise all of the available platforms that Google Ads provides with Google Ads for mobile.

Add a click-to-call feature that’s available in mobile browsers is a game-changer. Get an overview of desktop and mobile conversion funnels.

At the end of it:

  • Keep it simple
  • Segmented
  • Clean

Remarket to grow business exponentially

The term remarketing is all about showing ads to prospects, customers, and people who have visited your web earlier.

Some of the best remarketing techniques are:

  • Pricing Page Visitors
  • Industry-Specific Page Visitors
  • Cross-Channel Remarketing
  • Cart Abandoners
  • Previous Purchasers
  • Higher Funnel Converters
  • Video Viewers
  • Social Media Page Engagers

Go for In-Market Segments

There are three points to consider when you choose Adwords management services for your Google Ads campaigns. This can determine your conversion results based on the search query. It is also called STP of Google Ads Campaigns:

  1. Segmentation
  2. Targeting
  3. Positioning

STP of Google ad management

Being aware of your market offering (product) provides “value” to your prospective customers. You can start figuring your market segmentation, targeting, and positioning(STP).

Convert to Bing ads

As per HubSpot, bids on Bing have low competition as compared to keywords on Google Ads. Leverage their Google Ads campaign on Bing Ads to reach a new audience, generate more leads and keep your CPC low.

Use LinkedIn

Finally, remember that LinkedIn is the king of B2B marketing. Target this professional social network for your small business and run your online or text ad through Google Display Networks.


When chosen wisely, managing Google Ads to launch a campaign will lower your cost per click. These hacks are just right for small businesses.

But remember without an optimised landing page, all of your investment in Google Ads could end up wasted. Ensure your landing page is ready for prospects who click your display ads.

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