How Should Girls Protect Themselves From Unwanted Pregnancy?

Protect Unwanted Pregnancy

What is the time-opportunity of love again, and what is the reckoning? I listen to your words a thousand times. But you know what, Swati is better than happiness. Floating in temporary emotions, you will be restless in the next mental tension!

Couples who spend their days hoping for a sweet baby are different. But for those who are not yet mentally ready, the sudden arrival of a child in their life is painful for both the child and the parent.

Not only preventing unwanted pregnancies, many serious sexually transmitted diseases and infections can be avoided with a little awareness. And there is the need for contraceptives.

If you look at the title of the report and avoid it, you will lose in the end. It is very important to have a thorough knowledge of these things to maintain one’s mental and physical peace. Today’s report is about the types of birth control systems, how they work, their importance or how much. Take a look!

Which of the following can you use as a contraceptive?

  • Hormonal drugs and implantation procedures.
  • Barrier method. Examples of condoms, diaphragms, etc.
  • Some devices are inserted in the body which creates unsuitable environment for pregnancy and prevents fertilization.
  • Permanent method or sterilization.
  • Contraceptive emergency pill can also help you in case of sudden inadvertent intercourse. However, taking these pills regularly is harmful to the body.

How do contraceptive methods work?

  • Does not allow sperm to reach the ovum, so fertilization is not.
  • Destroys sperm performance.
  • Hormonal levels that work depending on the system, their use disrupts the normal ovulation process in a woman’s body. Ovum is not made every month.

Find out the ways to have ‘safe intercourse’

1. Condoms: This method of birth control seems to be the most common and common.

You can use as you wish.

  • Condoms are available for both men and women.
  • Condoms available for men can cover the penis during intercourse use men delay spray and prevent semen from entering the woman’s body.
  • In the case of women, things are a little different. The condoms that are available for women have to be placed in a specific place in the vagina before sexual intercourse.
  • According to users, it is easier and more effective for men to use condoms.

2. Contraceptive pills: This is another popular method. Women take this pill once a day.

  • You can buy this type of pill in many types in the market. Whichever you want to take, the biggest thing is what your doctor prescribes for you; Buy it that way.
  • Some pills are dependent only on the hormone progestin, while the working condition of the combined pill is the two hormones estrogen and progestin.
  • If you want to benefit from the pill, you have to take the pill regularly at certain times.

3. Cervical Cap: This cervical cap is a soft cap-like thing that forms a covering on a woman’s cervix. As a result, sperm cannot enter the uterus.

  • It is given with spermicide before use. This spermicide destroys sperm.
  • For women who do not want to take any hormonal drugs, do not want to take injections or shots and also object to condoms, this system may be effective.
  • It can work up to 48 hours after insertion into the cervix.
  • It should not be opened immediately after intercourse. It has to be at least 4 hours later.

4. Vaginal ring or contraceptive ring: This ring is made in such a way that it can release estrogen and progestogen hormones in a woman’s body.

  • It has to be placed in the woman’s vagina.
  • It remains effective in a woman’s body for three weeks.
  • Hormones secreted from the vaginal ring are present in the contraceptive pill; But to a lesser extent.
  • Female users can open and wear it on their own in time.

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