How to Choose PEMF Mat? Understand the Technical Aspects


It is difficult to choose a suitable PEMF device. Why so? You spend hours exploring the internet. There is a plethora of information on the company websites regarding the therapy. All the manufacturers claim that their products provide unprecedented benefits. The more you search, the more baffled you are. You cannot risk your money. No doubt, doing your research is essential to understand the right technology that fulfills your requirements. How to choose a PEMF mat? Here are some tips to help you accomplish your PEMF mat hunt.

Guidelines for Getting the Good Gadget

Full body mat-based electromagnetic systems steal the show due to profound health benefits and easy handling. A good mat is a lifetime health investment. How to evaluate which mat is more effective than others? There are two important things to consider; magnetic field emission and technical specifications. First, know these parameters for buying the right mat that serves your condition.

Understand the Technical Aspects

1. Intensity

Low or high intensity do not mark the product as the best. Every bodily condition requires different field intensity to heal. The body areas with thick skin or fractures need high penetration of the field. On the other hand, low intensities are more suitable for the best healing effects. A mat should have adjustable field strength.

2. Frequency

The frequency of the device matters a lot. The natural earth frequencies lie within the range of 0 to 30 Hertz that goes well with body cells to promote healing. Schumann Resonance, the natural earth frequency, allows your body to experience regeneration, improved memory, and stress relief. The low frequency with high intensity works effectively for osteoporosis and fractures. High frequency with low intensity impacts soft tissue treatments.

3. Bidirectional Pulse

Electromagnetic therapy mats offer either unidirectional or bidirectional pulse. Sometimes the radiation therapy loses its efficacy when your body receives the radiation emitted in one direction for a longer period. Cell neutralization will cease. Bidirectional pulse technology changes the frequency direction after some time. It results in maintaining your body’s magnetic equilibrium.

4. Waveform

Various mats emit various waveforms like Square, Sine, and Sawtooth waves. Among these waveforms, square and sawtooth waves are highly effective for regeneration and cell stimulation. It is the sharper and the shorter waveform that quickly and easily penetrates through the cell and improves blood circulation.

5. Material of the Mat

Apart from technical aspects, the stuff of which the mat cover is made influences the mat efficiency and durability. The material should suit your needs and be heat and corrosion-resistant. A good quality mat is gentle on the skin. Besides, it should be lightweight, flexible, waterproof, and easy to clean.

6. Take A Test Drive

You are not satisfied with what others say about a product. You are afraid of wasting your money. Give it a try first. Many emerging companies also offer the rental option. You have to compare the expenses of both renting and purchasing. In this way, you can have tried and tested awareness of the product. Another option is to visit a physiotherapy center to watch different mat categories at work.

To get the right PEMF mat that is benefitting for you, consult your physiotherapist or medical professional who knows your body condition well. Healthyline Outlet offers multiple options to you to find what you need.

A competent brand provides guidelines about the product through presale and after-sale service.


An effective PEMF mat is a lifetime health asset for the whole family. Consider the above points to choose your device wisely.


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