How to Make DIY Balloon Garland (Easy Tutorial)


If you have been in my world for any minute you are aware I love balloon arches. Truthfully, they’re very good at eliminating the rest of the decor for a celebration. And what a celebration they’re!

They appear very difficult, which is the reason I was very scared to make my very first one. This balloon garland tutorial is one of the simplest craft projects you can do, which means you are going to be glad to find it is simple to make. This particular tutorial is going to show you the way to make them quite easily.

Examples of Balloon garlands I have made during the last three years

 I have made Balloon Garlands for nearly every party, holiday, and baby shower. I’ve grown to be known as the party-thrower in my family as I like making them, and everybody loves them!

Right after my very very first balloon arch, there was no stopping me! These days I make them for just about every party I throw, shower I throw, and a birthday party I host. Here are several that I have made during the years: My very first purchase was this Mickey Mouse Balloon Garland! I created several red, yellow, and white balloons for Roy’s Mickey Mouse birthday bash. Just how can I make a balloon garland and balloon garland nz Creating a balloon garland is an easy way to add a little fun to the event! 

I produced a simple pink and white party for Penelope’s Minnie Mouse in keeping with the Disney theme, and I utilized the package from Amazon.

I will check everything in the kit in case I purchase it once again. Just a couple of gold pieces have been in the package, so I ought to have purchased an extra set of gold, or just bought all of them individually!

And, before the party started, a number of the gold balloons popped, so it made sense exactly why they added a few extra gold balloons. (I have to do one with a Disney princess) I made a rainbow balloon garland for my daughter’s 3rd birthday and it was a hit!

I created a balloon garland for National Coffee Day!

My newest balloon garland was created for a superhero birthday celebration for our son. We now reside in a different home (and it was a gorgeous summer day) so I attached it outside our house! It had been a fantastic way to welcome guests to the celebration.

And so, you see, balloons are a terrific way to make a huge impact! I handful of balloons and some time can make a great impact on just about any special day.

Let us make a balloon garland, utilizing instructions from Step 1.

Create Yummy Balloon Garland Here are a few simple steps to Design your Balloon garland.

To begin with, you have to locate a long piece of twine that you can attach each balloon to. The 2nd method is to “sew” your balloons together by utilizing a needle and thread or fishing line and pushing the needle through the bottom of every balloon. And when you require a balloon decoration strip, this’s most likely the simplest way to do it!

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