The Importance Of Rugs & How To Use Them in The Home

Importance Of Rugs

Rugs are one of the most underrated additions to the style and comfort of our homes. The reality is that rugs bring so many benefits to the home beyond just looks.

This article will focus on the many ways rugs are important to our home and how we can best use them for our benefit.

1. For Cleanliness

Hardwood floors are a sought-after element of any home. They are a pain to keep clean, however.

It can seem virtually impossible to keep up with the amount of dust that accumulates on these floors and it is so easily visible to the naked eye.

Instead of spending hours each day with a broom and dustpan in hand, laying down an area rug can help to catch the bulk of this mess.

You may be thinking, “why not just install a carpet?”, however, a carpet isn’t as easily cleaned as an area rug.

Most carpets accumulate years worth of dust and dirt that can cause allergies and breathing problems but rugs can be removed from the room and thoroughly cleaned.

Here’s a quick tutorial on how best to do that. 

2. For Comfort

Tile or wood flooring is hard and cool to the feet. A plush and soft rug can be a welcome change for our soles.

This addition to our rooms can also create a sense of warmth overall, adding comfort to the entire room. 

Instead of an empty hallway, you can add a visual pathway for the eye. Instead of a large wooden floor, you can create definitive spaces, held together by individual rugs.

3. For Style

Rugs come in all shapes, sizes, and patterns. Whatever the style you are trying to create, there is a rug to match.

Rugs are a great way to pull a whole room together. You can add character and interest to your decor by choosing the right rug.

There are rugs to match each style of decor, from boho to modern and eclectic to neutral.

Rugs can complement many different aspects of your decor. 

4. For Safety

Rugs provide a sort of cushion for any falls, add slip resistance to otherwise slippery floors, and can buffer any drops of dangerous materials.

Any aspect of our home that can be tailored for a safer environment is well worth the effort. Rugs are one of those elements that are often taken for granted.

This is especially true of those in your home that are elderly or babies and toddlers who aren’t so sure on their feet.

5. For Color

When living in a home with mostly neutral walls and furnishings, rugs are the perfect way to infuse some color into your home.

Bright, bold, or subdued colored rugs can transform a room from boring to interesting fast and easy.

6. For Sound Control

Hard flooring is loud. Putting down a rug will certainly lighten the sounds you hear whenever anyone is walking across the room.

Rugs can also help to buffer any sound from drops, furniture movements, and pet sounds.

7. For Covering and Protecting

Rugs help to protect your floors from scratches and dents from furniture or high heels.

They are also very useful when you already have a scratch or dent on your floor that you would like to cover up.

Throw a rug over it and no one is the wiser.


Hopefully, you’ve come to appreciate how wonderful a rug can be in any room of the home. 

Rugs have been used to spruce up many humble abodes for centuries. They have been a staple piece of decor in our homes and they aren’t going away any time soon.

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