5 Things You Should Know Before Buying a Kindle E-Reader

Kindle E-Reader

A Kindle E-Reader has more or less revolutionized reading for everybody now. Even though many people still say that not even a Kindle can make them replace their habit of reading paperbacks and hardcover books, indeed, the device is quickly replacing most paper-based documentation.

The chances are that you want to buy a Kindle shortly. You can easily consider a Kindle e-reader because of the large selection of books that you will have on hand at all times. Here are some of the things you need to consider before buying a Kindle for yourself:

Things to Know Before Buying a Kindle E-Reader:

All the Amazing Features

The Kindle has thousands of different features that make reading easy, convenient, and an absolute treat for your brain. Here are some of our favorite features:

Easy navigation

Unlike a paperback book, you will find it infinitely easier to navigate an E-book on a Kindle. You can use the search option to look up the location of a specific word in the entire book. The device will then take you to all the pages that contain the word that you want. Doing the same thing on a paperback book would take infinitely longer.

Built-in Dictionary

I remember when we were children our teachers used to ask us to look up words in books that we did not understand in a dictionary. As a child, that was far too much work for all of us, so I’m sure very few of us, if any at all, ever did it.

However, with a Kindle, you can easily look up any word that you want by simply tapping on it. If your Kindle is connected to the internet, it will display the meaning of the word on the screen. If only we had that when we were younger!

Book-Lending Option

Now, many people raised the concern that if they had a book on their Kindle, they would not be able to lend it to anyone if they wanted to. It was a rightfully raised concern and a definite inconvenience for many people.

However, the makers of the Kindle did take matters into their own hands and decided to introduce a book-lending option in their device as well. So now you can easily lend a book to anyone who has a Kindle for a set number of days, after which the book will come back to you automatically. I believe this is more convenient than lending paperback books as well!

Highlighting Text

In a physical book, you can easily highlight anything that you want to come back to later. Well, you can do the same thing on a Kindle as well. Simply press and hold down on the word you want to start highlighting and drag it to the end of the sentence that you want to highlight. Out of all the options that appear on the screen, pick the one that says highlight and your text will be visible next time you access it. The text that you have highlighted will also be saved in your bookmarks if you want to access it specifically sometime.


You can also easily take notes regarding specific lines and sentences in your book on your Kindle and refer back to them whenever you feel that the need arises. 

The Different Apps You Can Get

Just like your phone and your tablet, there are thousands of apps that you can download on your Kindle, except, you will be using the Amazon Play Store to download these apps instead of any other store.

The apps you can get on the Kindle are very useful. You can use the Audible app to download audiobooks if you prefer listening to your reading material rather than reading it.

You can also access thousands of free books as leisure reading material or reference books as well. So if you don’t want to spend money on the book you want, you can check out any of the many free libraries.

You can also use cloud technology to store the books you are reading on the cloud and access them from different devices.

Other than all of this, you can also read Word and PDF files on your Kindle device.

They are not the same as Phones and Tablets

Another point of concern that many people have raised is that Kindles are probably going to be replaced by phones and tablets which are much more commonplace and can easily be used to read different kinds of text as well.

This claim is not true as of yet because both the devices are very different from each other.

First of all, the display of a tablet and a Kindle is very different. Tablets and phones use LCD-based screens which emit their own light. Not only does this display strain the eyes, but it is also difficult to read with this display in the sun. The Kindle has a paper-like display which is easier on the eyes and can be read in the sun and strong light sources.

Other than that, the Kindle is a device that is much more dedicated to reading than tablets, because of which it has fewer distractions than a tablet and can help you read with a lot more concentration.

The Display

One thing you need to keep in mind is that the Kindle has a black-and-white display. So even though you can differentiate landmarks in pictures, it is not ideal for books that rely heavily on colored graphics, like comic books and children’s textbooks. For these types of books, a tablet is perhaps your best option.

Connecting to the Internet

You can also easily connect to the internet using your Kindle. The easiest way to do so is by using a Wifi connection like the one in your home. But, you can easily use around 5G cellular data on your Kindle as well. You can only access the internet through a 5G connection on the Kindle Keyboard edition though, not the other models.

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