Teenager’s Bra Guide: What Age Should a Girl Start to Wear a Bra?

What Age Girl Wear Bra

While getting your first bra gives a new and exciting feeling as you are entering into your adulthood, it can also be equally embarrassing. Newbie teenagers are quite awkward and uncomfortable when it comes to talking about things related to their developing bodies. Thus, properly guiding young teenage girls about their changing bodies and how to take care of themselves becomes important. Teenage bras are an essential part of a girl’s adolescent life. This post will provide you with the essential knowledge about when to get your first girls’ bra and what’s best suited for you.

How To Know If You Are Ready For A Teenager Bra? 

Teenage is a period in which a child enters into their adolescence. Their physical features start to develop, mental and emotional maturity develop among many others. There is no definitive age for starting to wear a teenage bra. Everyone is different, and the growth of breasts of one girl may vary vastly from that of another girl of the same age. Some girls may have large and fuller breasts, while some may not have notable breasts. So, a particular age can not be defined. You have to see the change in your body and see if you need a bra. Below are some points through which you can know when to start wearing a bra:

  • When you enter puberty, your whole body changes. The earliest sign that you should consider while deciding to wear a bra, is the start of menstruation.
  • When the breast starts to develop, you can feel a lump below your nipple region. This is a good time to start wearing a bra as your nipples will be prominent enough to see through your clothes.
  • If you don’t feel confident about your breasts and their appearance, it’s a sign that you should buy a bra. It will help to boost self-esteem and positivity in your mind. 

Different Types Of Bras That Are Ideal For Teenage Girls 

While there are many types and styles of bras that have been invented for various purposes, most of them are meant for adult women. They can not be considered ideal for young girls whose breasts are still in their development process. They require something comfortable and breathable, preferably made of cotton material. This will absorb sweat and keep them dry and would provide the necessary support and comfort.  Below are some options that you could look into as they are best suited for teenage girls: 

Training Bras 

These bras are meant for girls whose breasts have just started to develop. They are usually made of a breathable, soft cotton material that makes you feel comfortable. Getting used to the feeling of wearing a bra could take time for young girls. As the name suggests, training bras are great for this purpose. Moreover, in the early stages of breast development in teenagers, only the nipple buds are prominent. The regular type of bras would not fit you appropriately because your breasts are not fully developed. Training bras are useful in concealing the growing nipple buds in the early stages, as girls might feel uneasy about their breasts. Training bras are specially designed to suit young girls in their puberty phase. The plus point is that they come in a variety of designs and colors, so you have the option to choose the basic ones that will go well with your school uniform. The range of teenager bras by Clovia come in soft cotton material and also have removable pads. Moreover, they are affordable which makes them amazing.

 Sports Bras

Sports bras are another great girls’ bras option. They provide support and coverage to your breasts. If you play sports in school, then a sports bra is a must-have for you. Sports bras have wide straps that do not dig into your skin. It is made of a stretchable fabric that helps in encapsulating your breasts and protects them from injury. They also come with removable pads, and you can choose to remove or use them according to your preferences. When your breasts are supported properly, it makes you feel secure and confident playing sports. Thus, getting a sports bra is a good choice. It is also very good for girls who have heavy breasts at a young age.

 T-shirt Bras With Light Padding

These bras are excellent for coverage purposes. They are made with cotton material and have light padding to provide support and a more mature look. You don’t have to worry about your nipples showing up and feeling embarrassed while wearing fitted t-shirts and tops. 

Underwired Bras 

Underwired bras can be a good choice for girls with fuller breasts. These bras have a wire at the lower seam of the cup, which supports and holds the breasts in place. These bras are good for lifting the breasts. One thing to remember is that if the wire feels uncomfortable then the bra is not your fit.

There you have the guide to teenager bras. Teenage is a weird and awkward phase for youngsters. The many changes can bring down the confidence of a person about themselves. Not to worry, keep up your confidence by getting the perfect girl bra.


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