What to Look for in Your Real Estate Agent?


It is difficult enough buying a property in the country that you live in without having to search for a new home in a country like Spain, for example. There are so many different things that you need to be looking out for and it can become quite confusing after a time. There are excellent estate agents out there, but there are others who are only in it for themselves. Ultimately they are not interested in what you are going to gain from the purchase.

You need to be able to trust what your estate agent is telling you at all times so that you don’t end up signing on the dotted line for a property that will need lots of extra money spent on it and you’ve already paid over the odds.

You also have to know what qualities of a good real estate agent should have. The following will help to shed some light on that.

1. They Need To Be Honest

Honesty is a virtue that you should be looking for in any kind of service provider but it is especially important for an estate agent because you are spending a significant amount of money and this is likely to be your second biggest purchase that you have made in this life. They must have high ethical standards and you should always check to make sure that they are a member of the local association of realtors.

2. A Good Personality

It is important that you can see eye to eye with your real estate agent and that you both have something in common. He or she is going to be your best friend for the next few months and so you need to be able to talk with them and be honest with them at all times. They need to have a fantastic attitude and they need to be very personable and confident.

3. An Understanding Of The Local Housing Market

This is essential if you are to find a property that is perfect for you and your family. They will know about all of the current properties that are listed for sale and they will also know about the properties that are for sale but have not been advertised anywhere. This will provide you with an opportunity to pick up the property that very few people are currently aware of and you might be able to find a real diamond in the rough and get the necessary mortgage. If you want to find some of the best real estate agents Marbella Spain has, you can start with a quick online search and do a bit of a background check.

4. Must Be Self-Motivated

You shouldn’t have to encourage your real estate agent to get out there and find the best property for you. They need to have self-motivation and drive that will allow them to make better decisions on your behalf.

Most important of all, they need to have knowledge about the local housing market and they need to be able to keep themselves up-to-date with everything that is happening. You do not want to be missing out on an excellent opportunity just because your estate agent is not making the effort to keep themselves knowledgeable.

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