Your Only Guide To Firework Types and Effects

Firework Types

It’s not a celebration without fireworks lighting up the night sky. There are so many different ones that you could be unsure where to start, so we’ve put together a helpful guide to explore firework types and effects. This way you can ensure your night goes off with a bang!

Types of Firework and its Effects

Catherine Wheels

Next up we have Catherine wheels. Most people will remember seeing these in their back garden as children and they can still bring joy to all today. The fireworks spin quickly, creating a wonderful whizzing wheel of colourful light.

Roman Candles

Roman candles are one of the oldest types of fireworks. Bursting with bright colours, they shoot off multiple streams of dazzling rays. They can be used for larger displays or small-scale events making them a versatile option. It’s easy to see why they’ve remained a crowd favourite for so long.  


Rockets are one of the most well-known fireworks. As the name suggests, a rocket firework is launched into the night sky before exploding into glimmering colours. Rockets come in all different sizes and colours so you can really customise your display and thrill your crowd with all the different effects.


Let’s start with the smallest and possibly quietest type of firework. They’re hand-held and easy to control. Sparklers are a fun way to bring the fireworks down to earth and you can draw pictures in the dark with them too. They’re loved by little ones as well and can really bring an extra twinkle to your night. You may be looking for fireworks for sale to use at your own event. 


If you’re looking for a showstopper to add to your display, a fountain is a way to go. They’re placed on the ground and when lit, they erupt into a fountain of shimmering colour. Fountains tend to fizz rather than a bang, so they’re suitable for everyone. You can find larger ones too and the larger the fountain, the longer the glowing shower.

Smoke Grenades

A slightly less common type of firework is a smoke grenade. If you want to set the mood and add some depth to the darkness, a smoke grenade will create clouds of flowing colourful smoke in the area, really setting the tone for your event.

Silent Fireworks

Loud popping and bangs from a firework display may not be suitable for everyone and this is where silent fireworks come into play. They do still make a very minuscule amount of sound, but nothing compared to their booming counterparts. That way everyone can enjoy the display without compromising on quality.

Fireworks can really bring something special to your evening so why not add them to your plan. With all the spectacular types of fireworks and their unique effects, it can be hard to decide on which direction to go. This handy guide has shown you just a few of the amazing crowd pleasers you can find so you can organise the perfect event, no matter the occasion.

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