12 Best Beachside Caravan Parks in Western Australia

Beachside Caravan Parks Western Australia

Australia is one of the biggest landmasses on earth. There are billions of things to explore and enjoy: kangaroos, birds, lakes, and many more. The most popular is the beachside caravan park, which is growing at an exceptional rate as they provide enjoyment and attach a part of us to nature and its sceneries.

Considering all these facts, we are providing the list of 12 best beachside caravan parks in Australia which will relax you and make your day: –

1. The Blue Dolphin Holiday Resort at NSW

Located on the banks of Clarence River, The Blue Dolphin Holiday Resort at NSW has every amenity available to the customers. Most importantly, this place is family-friendly so that you can take up your family here.

There is a free water park where you, along with your children, can enjoy playing in the water. Other facilities are a free pool, tennis court, fishing, canoeing, ping pong, waterslides, beach umbrella, live music performances, etc. The reviews are very good as well. The caravan park is very large, and you will surely enjoy your time here.

2. First Sun Caravan Park at Byron Bay

First Sun caravan park at Byron Bay is known for its state-of-the-art infrastructure and services. It is one of the most famous caravan parks in the whole area. It is a family-friendly area so you can make a trip here with your family.

Some of the amenities they provide to their customers are free parking, free internet, vending machine, bicycle rental for enjoying riding in the nearby market, BBQ facilities, a non-smoking hotel, and self-serve laundry. This caravan park is also affordable and has got 4 out of 5 stars on various trip websites. So it will be a good choice to make a caravan trip. 

3. Huskisson Beach Tourist Resort, Jervis Bay

Huskisson Beach Tourist Resort, Jervis Bay is a place where you have endless choices, and still, you would feel that all are good and worthy. This park comes with a beautiful area full of natural views and tourist amenities.

It is a family-friendly resort, so you can also visit this beach resort with your family. Some of the most appreciated amenities of this area are free parking, free internet, vending machine, bicycle rental, non-smoking hotel, BBQ facilities, picnic and camp kitchen facilities, direct beach access, stand-up paddleboard hire, and powered ensuite sites.

4. Esperance Seafront Caravan Park

Esperance Seafront Caravan Park is a shady, beautiful, and quiet lawn area with more than 170 caravans available. This park has great Ocean views, which are just 2 kilometers away from here, so you will enjoy the beautiful sunset and sunrise.

The park has many special features which others don’t have like you can picnic with kitchen facilities. The BBQ facilities are also available here. You can take your families here as this area is family-friendly. Free WiFi is also available here, so you will never be away from your social media life.

5. Peoples Park Caravan Village, Coral Bay

If you want great ocean views with the best amenities, Peoples Park Caravan Village, Coral Bay is the best place to visit. There are more than 120 independent caravan vehicles available in different sizes according to your choices.

Many amenities are available like the beautiful sceneries of nature, restaurants, free WiFi, free parking, children’s playground, self-service laundry, picnic and camp kitchen facilities, BBQ facilities, powered ensuite sites, non-smoking hotels, etc.

One should give it a chance, and it is sure that he will not regret his visit to this caravan village. The hotel is also affordable, and you can also avail discounts by booking early. 

6. Monkey Mia Dolphin Resort Camping

Located near the West Australian coastline and in the heart of Shark Bay’s world heritage site, Monkey Mia Dolphin Resort Camping is a perfect destination for a couple or a family. This resort camping area is equipped with many tourist amenities like beach volleyball.

You can sharpen your volleyball skills, beachside accommodation, the bough shed restaurant, and the monkey bar fulfills your thirst for food and taste. Francois Peron national park is also near so that you can shoot the Bullseye in one visit only.

Monkey Mia Dolphin Resort Camping is also famous for its dolphins, which you can see here. Overall, this place is a pack of enjoyment and adventure.

7. Dalrymple Tourist Van Park, Charters Towers

Located in the heart of charter towers, Dalrymple Tourist Van Park, Charters Towers is a renowned name in the area. With its state-of-the-art facilities, tourists find it a beautiful attraction, and the caravans here are also in good number. The facilities here are just awesome.

There is a herbal garden where you can see the herbs used hundreds of years ago, to treat ailments. A fire campsite is also there where you can relax and chill out with your family. The giant jumping pillow will make your child happy. Also, there is a dedicated area to take up your pet.

8. Cairns Coconut Holiday Resort

In Cairns, this family-friendly site has many features which distinguish it from others. Cairns golf club and the wet tropics of Queensland are just a walking distance from here. The restaurant here has many wide varieties of food items available.

The rooms here are spacious and comfortable and are equipped with every modern amenity like flat LED TV, hairdryer, refrigerator, etc. Also, the room starts from AUD 138 only, so it is very affordable. So, if you want to adventure with beauty, surely give a shot to Cairns coconut holiday resort. 

9. NRMA Jindabyne Holiday Park

Enjoying the alpine region of Australia is everyone’s dream, and you can fulfill your dream by visiting NRMA Jindabyne Holiday Park. Places like Jindabyne are famous for their beachside caravan parks, and Jindabyne accommodation is not a problem.

Located near the shore of Lake Jindabyne, this beautiful holiday park has all state-of-the-art facilities like free parking, free WiFi, beautiful rooms with laundry services, and natural views of the tallest peak of Australia’s continent, Mount Kosciuszko, etc.

10. Noosa Tewantin Caravan Park

Want to get the tropical taste? Noosa Tewantin Caravan Park is the perfect place to get one. This caravan park has every amenity required for families and tourists. A heated swimming pool, table tennis, and other time passes are available here.

This park is located near zoos and world parks, so now you can enjoy the pleasure of caravans and the beauty of nature. The caravans are good in number and come in different sizes according to your choice, and they have facilities like a kitchen, shower, and laundry. Time at Noosa Tewantin Caravan Park is like nowhere else.

11. Kakadu Lodge And Caravan Park

Looking for a beautiful but not a high-fi caravan park, Kakadu Lodge And Caravan Park is the right choice. This caravan park has low-key cabins, some available with a kitchenette and some not. It also has a casual hotel which has a small pool as well. The affordability of this place is truly amazing.

There are more than 186 caravan vehicles available, so you don’t have to be on the waiting list and worry about pre-bookings. Just come and enjoy the beautiful natural views. Kakadu Lodge And Caravan Park is the right choice to explore yourself and spend time with nature. It is a must-visit if you are trying to escape from the world’s insecurities.

12. Phillip Island Caravan Park

Located on the bass coast, Victoria, Phillip Island Caravan Park is the perfect place to explore the true form of nature. This caravan park is known for its aesthetic natural views. The ocean views are thrilling, and the sunset and sunrise give you new energy. One can also walk along the beaches as well with their loved ones.

The island wildlife can also be seen and enjoyed here. The penguin’s walk is just amazing. Some available facilities are free parking, free WiFi, Vending machine, BBQ facilities, a non-smoking area, picnic and camp kitchen facilities, shaded campsites, etc. Give her a visit, and you will not regret it.

You can come here with your family and enjoy the snow. Some lifts take you from the slopes to the flats. Give a visit to Jindabyne, and you will surely visit it again.

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