Flowers Attract Bees Butterflies

10 Flowers That Attract The Most Bees And Butterflies

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Flowers Attract Bees Butterflies

As we all know, bees & butterflies are vital garden bugs who pollinate several of our favourite edibles and ornamentals. 

Flower plants are always a unique choice for attracting bees, but several ornamental flowers will also help feed and support the bee & butterfly population. 

When people start selecting the plants, they need to be sure to choose those flowers that bees & butterflies love most. Moreover, they bloom at different times throughout your growing season.

List of all 10 Flowers That Attract The Most Bees and Butterflies:

Here are the best 10 flowers which attract the most bees and butterflies:


A blue star-shaped borage flower stands out in the garden and helps to attract bees. Moreover, people can eat cucumber-flavoured raw leaves. This belongs to annual self-seeds; that’s why it will be a long-lasting member of your garden. 


This plant lives for two years, and also it can self-seed. These tubular flowers are extremely attractive to bees & butterflies and look like they could house fairies. 

Butterfly weed

As per information, Butterflies love the nectar of this flower; that’s why they use it as a host to lay eggs. Oldboy’s Flowers hippeastrums can be the best choice for several butterflies and bees.

Bee Balm

This list will be incomplete without bee balm because this flower does not attract bees & butterflies; it can also attract hummingbirds. This flower has a fantastic fragrance, and the fragrant leaves provide a bit of aromatherapy when thinning in spring.


The cosmos is the best plant to be chosen because bees & butterflies love this flower most. Cosmos flower can be grown from its seed, and in several cases, this flower will re-seed to give individuals flowers year after year.


This flower provides a great source of nectar and pollen, which helps to attach bees & butterflies. They are simple to grow from seed in the spring or summer. People need to be sure to avoid pollen-free varieties. 


Butterflies such as swallowtails will use these dill plants as a host for laying their eggs. Moreover, it is delicious. 

Common milkweed

This flower is essential for bees & butterflies to lay eggs. This plant also provides food for them. The flower, common milkweed, can spread very fast; it is best planted in a meadow or ample space.


According to some people, these are old-fashioned-looking flowers. These are highly scented and sit on tall stems, which attract the butterflies.


Individuals may also know this edible flower as the name of pot marigold. This flower has yellowish-white and also orange petals. It is growing in full sun with moist as well as well-drained soil.

Wrapping up:

People can quickly create an ideal pollinator habitat by growing the plants and flowers that bees & butterflies love most. People can plant those flowers that have lots of native species and other pollen-rich features because it is an excellent way to support bees and butterflies.

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