How to Choose the Right Platform for Earning Money By Watching Videos?

Earning Money Watching Videos

With so many social media platforms today, it may be challenging to choose the right one that will help you earn money just by watching videos.

According to reports, the global digital video advertising market was valued at $19.7 billion in 2019.

The fact that audiences choose these days when it comes to the content they want to watch makes the competition stiffer.

You may also face legal issues in some countries regarding earning money by watching videos. It is essential to find out more about video monetization platforms before signing up.

Here is a breakdown of things to check before joining such a platform.

1) Check for Legality

It is vital to check if the website is legal, especially not from your country. Legality is necessary as it protects you from being involved in a scam. Here are ways to check it:

  1. Visit the website of your country’s Central Bank or Securities Exchange Commission. Check if they have any information regarding it.
  2. Google to see if there are reports of users being scammed by that website.
  3. Check for Better Business Bureau complaints.

2) Get clarity on how much money can be earned from watching videos.

The amount of money you earn might differ depending on the types of ads that run on your videos and the country where you reside. Before signing up, you should know if other people earn money through a website like Wintub. You can check this by:

  1. a) Doing a simple search in Google to see if there are any reports of people earning money from that platform.
  2. b) You can also use a search engine to check if the website has a referral program. Make sure you read everything correctly and that it is legit.

3) Check For The Ad-Blocking Feature

If you have to play ads in your videos, ensure that the platform has a built-in ad-blocking feature. The platform should also be flexible as it should enable you to block any video type, such as ads by third parties or those containing certain sounds.

4) Check The Payment System Used By The Website

It is essential to know if you will be paid through direct deposit, PayPal, gift cards, or cryptocurrencies. You also need to know the minimum you should be paid and other payment limitations.

5) Does it have a Privacy Policy?

Having a privacy policy is a good sign as it means you and your information are safe. It is also a legal requirement for many platforms to have one. You can check this by:

  1. Googling the site and looking for a link that allows you to see its terms and conditions.
  2. You can also check the bottom of the website and check for a Privacy Policy link.

Before you sign up, make sure that you are clear about all these above-mentioned points.

Final Thoughts

It is essential to ensure that the website does not require you to do anything illegal. Ensure that you check if your site is legal and the payment method is reliable. Also, check if the payment method is convenient for you.

Look for a website that allows you to change your video ads, block certain types of videos, and read their Privacy Policy.

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