Statement-Making Sunglasses Trends to Follow This Year

Statement-Making Sunglasses Trends

While experimenting with the newest fashions is always entertaining, it’s also crucial to make sure that the sunglasses trends match your face shape and sense of style. For instance, round features seem better with more slender rectangular frames, whereas heart-shaped faces look best with cat-eye and circular frames. Finding the correct sunglasses trends for your unique style and purchasing sunglasses that will make you feel confident whether you’re running errands or relaxing poolside are key components of evolving your wardrobe.

70’s Oversized Sunglasses

Oversized sunglasses from the 1970s are pretty effective when it comes to creating a statement. With bold, rounded, and rectangular frames this season, numerous designers gave this vintage eyewear style the makeover we never knew it needed. If you are thinking about heading to a sunglasses shop looking for a statement pair of sunglasses to command attention, keep an eye out for this on-trend style.

As the 1970s silhouette is currently in vogue, celebrities with an eye for design and daily style icons alike are embracing the oversized appearance as the 1970s silhouette is currently in vogue. Bigger is better when it comes to sunglasses, whether they have edgy metal frames or dramatic acetate frames.

Silhouettes with cat eyes

A continuation of the 2021 trend, iconic cat-eye sunglasses got a fresh update in 2022 with slightly bigger sizes and a more angular, contemporary form. The revised cat-eye for 2022 is available in various sizes and styles, making it ideal for any eyewear collection.

Cat-eye sunglasses may be surprisingly useful and aren’t only for antique diva types. Try a pair with broad, sculptural frames for a more contemporary spin on the style. Alternately, try a whimsical look with vibrant lenses or interesting accents like cutouts or decorations. Cat-eye sunglasses will draw attention in whichever style you choose to wear them in.

Bold pastel frames

Consider using millennial pink, light lilac, sage green, or pale blue lenses to add some stunning pastels to your clothing. This eyewear trend transforms any look from plain to daring with pastel hues ideal for spring and summer.

The delicate tones may be worn all year long, even though spring and summer are the ideal seasons for them. Simply add a splash of colour to your winter outfit, or go for a monochrome appearance by wearing it with similar-coloured clothing. Pastel shades are the way to go, whether you’re trying to make a statement or just add a little fun to your ensemble.

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