Guide to Better Wifi

Ultimate Guide to Better Wifi: 5 Ways to Set up WiFi Remotely

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Guide to Better Wifi

With the rise of remote work, the Internet has become a bridge for people to work on their terms. You can now work on your own time, on a schedule you want. Then, depending on your employer, you can track your time, enter the time you signed on, or just submit the outputs you have done and required for the day.

However, one key component of the success of the remote setup is its reliance on the quality of your Wifi connection.

Here are 5 tips to ensure success in your remote work setup!

Pick a high-quality Internet provider

Try shopping around for the broadband deals around your area. The competition can be tight, especially if the quality of the Internet is exceptional. However, a lot of options have also recently become more available. These include Fiber and 5G.

Test your Internet strength and connection

One basic benchmark in figuring out the power of your Internet signal is to test it. Once you are connected to the Internet signal on your phone and laptop, look for the universal wifi symbol on your device’s right-hand corner. The symbol appears as 4-5 (four-five) curved bars stacked on each other. The more bars there are that are filled in with a solid color, the stronger your Internet connection is.

If you are using a Mac system for your computer, you must hold down the Option key to check your connection to the Internet. If your laptop has a Windows system, you can go to Network and Sharing to look into the power of your Internet connection.

To test the signal strength of your connection, you must run a speed test. There are many sites to choose from when doing your speed test – the speed test measures how fast your wifi is for sending and receiving a message.

Get a Wifi Extender

You may consider purchasing a wifi extender, especially if you are working at home and do not want to stick to one spot. More lenient employers allow this. Since you will be working from home, how far your wifi can reach you can be crucial. Consider it an investment that will benefit your long-distance relationships aside from work.

Move your wireless router to a strategic spot

The strength of your wifi connection is as good as the place where you have mounted it. Therefore, you should be strategic about where you have put your router. The higher the place you have mounted your router in, the better.

The best places where you can move your wireless router to:

  • On a small coffee table located in the center of your home space
  • On the second floor landing of your space for better elevation
  • On a mantle in the center of your family room/living room space

Avoid putting your wireless router in these places:

  • In the basement
  • In the windowsill or corner of your home
  • In your kitchen

Reset your router

Resetting your router aids in the speed of your Internet. The reboot of your wifi connection can boost your speed. In addition, it can alleviate any issues that are slowing your wifi connection down.


How you take care of and utilize your Internet connection is a crucial step in improving the quality of your remote work life. These tips guarantee a smoother workflow and a more efficient work process. However, if these tips have not given you the wifi quality you desire, you can consider shopping for better Internet service.

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