Things You Need To Check In Your Motorhome Before You Hit The Road


Getting bored? Want to go somewhere? Planning any short trips nearby?

These are the little troublesome questions we throw at ourselves time and again despite our busy routine.

Well, if you have a motorhome or RV, bingo! The problem is solved.

It’s exciting planning a holiday in a motorhome, isn’t it? Not overseas, but you can travel within the country and enjoy your little stay-cation in many areas nearby. But a little worry can accompany you and turn the whole excitement into a bummer if you fail to check the vehicle before hitting the road.

Here’s our prompt checklist you need to, seriously, cross-examine to avoid any misadventure before you plan to hit the road.

1. Check your wheels

You will never want to ride on a frequent flattening tire; trust me, it’s worrisome and scary. It will obviously ruin your vacay mode if you find out a few miles away on your journey that you will halt in between. It’s your family whose safety is online!

Check tires thoroughly for any possible wear and tear. If you find any issues, make sure to replace them before heading on to the trip. As a precaution, carry a pressure gauge with you to maintain optimum tire pressure. This is the reason we have placed it on number 1 here on our checklist.

2. Lights and brakes check

It is a very crucial element of our checklist and extremely important for safe traveling. Inspect the brakes functioning in-depth because you’ll never want to run into anything. Lights need to be properly working as it will definitely be the path paver for you, especially at night because visibility is very important.

3. Look for the fluids

Cross-check brake oil, engine oil, radiator water for sure. Check your freon fluid for making sure that AC is working properly.

So you have to admit to the fact that a motorhome’s fluids are its life.

4. Look for the leakage

A motorhome is prone to leakages. It is a fact and a proven one!

Do check for water damages before getting onto the road. It can lead to the seaming of water in giving you an unwelcome surprise.

5. Resolve Electric issues

Check your refrigerator, stove, oven, lights, vent fans, sockets, and other electric points to make sure they are working properly.

Check batteries for corrosion, ensuring a hindrance-proof journey. Check the disconnection switch’s functionality so that you do not need to unplug your motorhome again and again.

6. Inspect your Roof

Continued exposure to ultraviolet rays and water in the monsoon will cause serious damage to your motorhome’s roof. Check for the broken roof, cracks, and sealing to maximize its life.

Regular checking and maintenance with the inspection are necessary.

7. Hitch and tow

Check for the rusting of trailer connection in case of towing. It should be firm and safe not only for you but for others on the road.

8. Windows, Doors, and sliders

Look for the proper functionality of windows, doors, and sliders. Check if there is any crack or any part is broken.

If possible, wash your motorhome to see any seal breakages and water seeping in or out.

9. Check gas mileage

Ensure to check gas mileage before hitting on the road because you will never want to get stuck in the middle of nowhere.

Locate nearby gas stations for a smooth vacation.

10. Cleanliness is a virtue

Clean your motorhome thoroughly to increase its lifespan. Clean bathrooms, mirrors, windows, and cameras also. You will never want a stinky and yucky environment to spend your holiday in.

11. Food and water supplies

Make sure you are fully loaded with ample food and water supplies because you will not get any shop stop nearby on a camping site.

Take junkies along with some healthy snacks, juices, and lots and lots of water with you on the road, and enjoy your time.

12. Toolbox

Don’t forget to take your toolbox with you if you want to avoid any unfortunate breakdown in between your trip. There might be no nearby mechanic available to help you, so learning a little mechanic is working as well.

13. Final maintenance walkthrough

If you have checked your motorhome as per the above-stated checklist, it’s time now to go through it for the final time. You have to run the generator, check and clean AC vents and functionality, filter check, battery check, leakage check, brakes, lights and ensure that your motorhome is in perfect shape.

So, follow the checklist and hit the road to get the most exciting traveling experience in a motorhome caravan!

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