Permanent Hair Color Advantage Disadvantage

5 Advantages And Disadvantages Of Permanent Hair Color

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Permanent Hair Color Advantage Disadvantage

Getting permanent hair color involves many ingredients and undergoes several steps from root to tip. We don’t have the same needs in our checklist, but the common point is that everyone wants their hair to be a gorgeous color, which enhances their appearance.

Due to the increase of fashion consciousness in every individual, there is a rapid growth in the usage of hair coloring. In the presence of many hair coloring techniques, permanent hair coloring has taken a significant place among all other techniques.

Before undergoing a process that will change the natural existence, you need to wake up your mind with a point that any process that undergoes beyond the natural creation will have a certain chance of having both pros and cons. The five main hair colour types are red, black, blonde, brunette, and balayage. These colors can be modified in tone to give a different appearance.

However, there are also some topics that need to know about the permanent hair color process.


  1. Don’t doubt that it saves you time in your hectic schedule because you need not apply it often, and it only consumes 30 to 40 mins after the application, like temporary hair dyes.
  2. It provides a universal range of color shades for permanent application.
  3. Comparative to temporary dyes, these provide a natural-looking appearance.
  4. This process provides the complete coverage of grey hair.
  5. It’s a one-stop solution to cut out the bleaching application, which tends to interlock tangles due to the raise of cuticles easily and to have regular hair baths for healthy growth.


  1. Chemicals like Ammonia Hydroxide and Hydrogen Peroxide are stronger. In general, these are used as bug disinfectants. So you can have an image of your hair after these product applications that promise to enhance your look.
  2. It consumes more time than temporary dyes. The minimum time to stay at least on hair is 45 mins and time increases depending upon how much deep shade you want.
  3. Due to the chemical composition, it may lead to cancer, allergic reactions, eyes burn, and other problems ranging from mild to severe.
  4. You can’t reverse the color if you’re unhappy with your new look.
  5. It causes more damage when compared with semi-permanent, temporary dyes, DIY dyes because of the presence of stronger chemicals with a high alkaline pH level of up to 11.

Process of permanent hair coloring

When the Ammonia Hydroxide and Hydrogen Peroxide mixture is applied to hair, the ammonia with high alkaline makes cuticles swell and dissolve in some sections to penetrate dyes and molecules that produce hydrogen peroxide, the polymerization reaction. It produces strong and larger size and powerful molecules. Due to this oxidization, the dye molecules get trapped into the cortex by bleaching the natural hair color, and it never gets washed out.

Before introducing some new things to your own body, it is also important to know about the consequences. To overcome the problem with this permanent process, many companies provide the best temporary hair colors. Yes, these may not give the advantages of permanent hair coloring, but they don’t have any disadvantages that cause harm to your hair.

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