Tips To Adjust Your Door Strike Plate

Door Strike Plate

Before you learn how to adjust a door strike plate, make sure to check a few essential things. Choose the best door lock lubricant you have and try to spray it on your latch bolt to see if that helps. Do other things if that doesn’t work. Before adjusting a door strike plate, you have to notice the locksmith.

1. Address Hinges

If you don’t need to know how to adjust a door strike plate, you don’t need to read this. The set screws on the hinges on the doors should be tight. Door hinge screws can come loose, making the door hang awkwardly. It can make the door’s lock not line up with the strike plate.

2. Shape the Door

Look at the gap between the frame and the door to see if the door grinds at any point. If you have solid core doors or hollow core doors, your foundation may be moving, or the wood may be expanding more than the strike plate is. If the gap between the frame and the door will not be in the right position then key replacement would be necessary.

3. Measure the difference between the two lines

It is essential if your door won’t close, and you need to figure out how far the latch or bolt is from the strike plate’s “catch hole.” It’s time to open the door. It might be too high, too far down, backward, or forward.

How Do You Change a Door Strike Plate?

In general, there are three main ways to change the strike plate. It is essential to know them all, so you don’t have to keep using one and risk damaging the door or the frame again. Use a lot of different ways to adjust a strike plate to make your locksmith, door, and door frame last longer.

1. Make the Catch Hole Bigger.

The hole in your strike plate can be more prominent with a metal file. The catch hole in the door frame may be a little bigger than the catch on the strike plate. Also, you might need to cut out or sand the spot on your shelf. You might also need key replacement.

Make sure not to make the catch hole bigger because this could make you less safe. We should widen a gap on the top or bottom, not the front or back. Because a frame is taller than thick, there is more material above and below it.

2. Change the Strike Plate.

To move a door strike plate that is very out of place, you’ll want to move the strike plate rather than grind away a lot of metal. Many misalignments mean that the strike plate needs to be moved so the set screws don’t get stuck in the old holes.

3. Strike Plates that can be moved.

To adjust a door strike plate, you don’t need to drill more screw holes or widen the catch hole. If you buy an adjustable strike plate, you don’t need to do this at all! When this strike plate is used, it looks like it has a standard-looking strike plate with ovular screw holes instead of circular ones and a C-shaped part that acts as a washer. If you lost your key then you must be needed key replacement Atlanta.


In time, your door will keep growing or moving. You should be able to do this. You can only change your hinges, move your strike plate, or widen your catch hole so many times before the door is permanently damaged. You can ask a top locksmith for any kind of suggestion.

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