Top 10 Family and Kids Friendly Dogs That Don’t Bite

Family and Kids Friendly Dogs

Are you finding the best friendly dog for your family and kids that don’t bite? So, the place is for you.

Finding the best friendly dog for your kids and family is a big task. But now we are sharing the top 10 family and kids-friendly dogs that don’t bite. Before that, you just need to know on which basis you can determine the friendly dog. There are 3 factors which you can consider. Factors are:-

Temperament:- it means dog attitude and nature. It is important to know your nature. It should be agreeable temperament or aggressive. For family and kids friendly your dog should be calmer. It will make strong bonds that are good for your family and kids.

Size:- Only the size of the dog doesn’t decide it is friendly for your family and friends. But the size of dogs depends on the energy level of the dog. Some of the larger dogs are following directions very well. But small dogs are more excitable compared to them.

Energy level:- You can choose as per your family preference. Be realistic about what kind of lifestyle you can provide them because they need more exercise than average.

Below are the top 10 family and kids-friendly dogs that don’t bite;-

1. Labradores

Labradors are so lovable to kids and families. They are very calm, and careful and are known to be extremely patient when interacting with babies. These are perfect family-friendly dogs. So, you can make them a part of your family.

2. German shepherd

German shepherds are one of the very protective breeds of dogs. They are very gentle and good companions in the family. They are also lovable towards kids if given proper socialization training from an early age.

3. Bulldog

Bulldogs are one very cute dog breed. They are very affectionate and lovable. They are so gentle, loyal, and warmhearted as compared to other dogs they are more tolerant than many other dog breeds.

4. Beagles

Beagles are very gentle with kids and family because of their cheerful, affectionate, and friendly temperament. They are so playful. This breed of dog is so curious, loving, and friendly.

5. Pug

Pug dogs are the best recommendation for a family who has kids. Because of their love and affectionate temperament they are so lovable to kids. They can be a good pet option if you have kids in your house.

6. Golden Retriever

Golden Retrievers can be the safest pet for your family, because of their loyalty and easy-going nature. They are gentle and eager to please nature. That is why they are a good choice for families with small kids.

7. Irish setter

The Irish setter is a great family dog because the good temperament of greeting visitors makes them the perfect household pet. They need socializing because some of them are shy. Otherwise, they do well with kids.

8. Brussels Griffon

Brussels Griffon is a happy and loving dog breed. They are an excellent family companion. Their senses are so lively to nature. These qualities make them a perfect match for an energetic family with kids.

9. Newfoundland

The Newfoundland breed of dog is so calm and protective. They easily know the difference between owner and stranger. This breed of dog is filled with sweetness and gentleness. They are lovable towards kids. They are also known by the name nanny dogs.

10. Collie

Collie is a good breed of dog with good temperaments like sweetness, loyalty, and intelligence. Collies are family and kids-friendly dogs. Collie loves being part of all household activities and also enjoys playing with them and protectively watching over them.

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