7 Side Effects of A Permanent Tattoo on Skin and Health

Side Effects Permanent Tattoo

There are a variety of skin issues that result from a permanent tattoo. Tattoos require breaking the skin barrier, and the ink has some chemicals involved in it. Dermatologists noticed severe medical complications from tattoo pigments in the body and declared that the tattoo is risk-prone to skin and health.

A few side effects of a tattoo on skin and health are noted below. Reading along will guide you on the issues faced by the people who got inked and some of the ways to resolve those issues.

7 Side Effects after Getting Inked 

1. Skin Infection

This type of effect is immediately observed or after days or months. Seeing a redness and swell after Getting a tattoo is normal. The skin will feel sore, and the fluid ooze from the tattoo. It may itch and flake a little. People may get scabs; some get a fever, pus in the tattoo, or open sores.  

2. Rashes

Rashes are the immediate effect on the skin after one gets inked. People sometimes get rashes after getting the tattoo because of the HIV treatment or joint-replacement surgery. Redness and itch are the common symptoms. The other symptoms are deep lumps, blisters, skin crusts, and watery fluid.  

3. Sun Allergy

The burning effect is a symptom of sun allergy. The allergy can appear within a few minutes or after a few hours. The allergy on some stays for a lifetime. Hives, itchy rashes, and burns are the most observed symptom here.  

4. Skin Issues

Genes for Psoriasis trigger skin disease after the tattoo. The infection gets visible after 10 to 20 days of getting the tattoo. Skin cancer takes its form if not taken care of immediately. Other skin diseases from a tattoo include eczema, vitiligo, scars, sarcoidosis, and lichen planus. 

5. Burn during MRI

It is very rare but happens. People get a burning effect during MRI if they have done a tattoo. The burn is mild, but a few serious cases are also reported. 

6. Lymph Nodes

In this, the tattoo ink usually spreads to the lymph nodes as your skin heals from the tattoo. Swelling is observed near the tattoo. A large group of lymph is found in the neck, armpits, and groin.  

7. Residual

Blood donations are restricted for those who got inked. Blood is contaminated from the needle as ones get inked. There are no two ways tattoo centers do not follow the medical norms. They do follow, but some might slip. The infections like Staphylococcus aureus and hepatitis B and Hepatitis C is likely to be found. 


Getting a tattoo is a new trend, and people do like to follow trends. Opting for this skin-inked fashion is good if you are not a blood donor.

It is highly recommended to follow the precautions mentioned by the tattoo centers for skin and health issues. Checking up with your dermatologist is the most preferred solution for a person to opt.

Also, avoiding this trend is highly recommended if someone is allergic to the tattoo because skin allergies can turn into skin cancer in no time.

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