Top 7 Things to Do in Mckinney TX

McKinney (Texas) is approximately half an hour from downtown Dallas, though the atmosphere and character are way different from other interconnected cities. Undeniably, this is among the most livable places with a unique history that you will love to explore. At McKinney’s, you will find a collaboration of 19th-century building where you can have an idea of how Texans lived hundreds of years ago. The charming city and independent markets have a lot more to offer you.

1 You Can Get into Nature

Speaking of swimming, there are many aquatic centers in McKinney where you can relax and cool off when it gets hot. If you want to spend some pleasant time on the water, you may consider visiting the Towne Lake Recreation Area. This 108-acre park is located around a freshwater stream where you can avail the service of a swan paddle boat that takes you to the water. In addition, you can have a nice picnic party or play volleyball. Sure, it will be fun!

2 Chestnut Square Historic ParkChestnut Square Historic Park

Chestnut Square Historic Park takes you back to McKinney’s primitive days. You will be amazed to see how the town’s communities worked and played in olden times. You will find a number of preserved buildings that date back between 1854-1930. Besides, there is a sanctuary, a boarding house, a school house, a marketplace, and a variety of homes. Thanks to all those skilled volunteers who are working hard to bring these buildings to life.

3 Natural Science Museum and Wildlife Sanctuary

This museum brings children into interaction with the natural world with an extensive range of both indoor and outdoor exhibits. Children can explore the natural history collections such as fossils, mammal skins, seashells and a lot more. While outside, they can discover beautiful gardens where delicate native ecosystems have been preserved so that upcoming generations can experience Texas at its remotest. Walking tracks will take you through exciting butterfly gardens, original plant exhibitions, and exclusively designed bird gardens. If you have little more guts, don’t forget to take a look at snake exhibit.Natural Wildlife Sanctuary Mckinney

4 Lone Star Wine Cellars

McKinney is not all about work and play. The community features a massive number of vineyards and breweries, which makes it a perfect place to spend some quality time. It might be surprising for many people but the place has a great wine industry that grows with every passing year. Wine-growing date back to the initial years of Spanish settlement in the 1600s. You can always come here to enjoy an original environment and vine tasting similar to primitive days. You may relish it more than many popular international brands. Also, there are numerous take-out restaurants nearby where you are free to bring food and beverages. Remember to catch some exciting music at Lone Star on weekends.

5 Mitas Hill Vineyard & Winery

The beautiful landscape of Mitas Hill Vineyard & Winery begins at North of McKinney. Here you will find Cabernet Sauvignon, Tempranillo on heavily-laden vines, Venus and Syrah enclosed by woodland. This unfamiliar selection of grapes let Mitas Hills create wines that were quite fresh in olden days. You can reserve a table at the vineyard’s restaurant and enjoy an informative tour. If you are traveling to McKinney, you will definitely don’t want to miss the yearly harvest festival.

6 Low Unemployment and Great Job Opportunities

McKinney attracts many people who are looking forward to traveling through Highway 121. Though it’s a great choice for people who work more locally. The unemployment rate in the place is below the national average and the middle household earning is approximately $83,257, which is way above the Texas average and the domestic average. These notable figures are significantly the result of impressive employment opportunities. If you are in the city looking for employment, you may want to consult US defense contractor which employs a large number of people to pursue their careers in business, healthcare, etc.

7 Fort Worth

Within an hour, you can get to another popular Texas’ fifth city, Fort Worth. It was founded as an armed stronghold in the mid-1800s. If you are looking forward to it, don’t forget to visit Amon Carter and Kimbell Art Galleries. The latter is a fanatic introduction to the old collection featuring around 350 pieces. The artwork is enhanced by Caravaggio, El Greco, Michelangelo and a lot more. Fort Worth 19th-century development has a lot to do with cattle trading and you will find an extensive range or original encloses and storefronts of the old livestock marketplace.


Boasting convenient access to major highways that associate McKinney to the rest of the Dallas, offers an impressive quality of living, a variety of housing options, and diverse momentous sites. Let those unforgettable exploratory expeditions begin!

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