things to know Boise, Idaho

Everything You Need to Know When Moving to Boise, Idaho

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Idaho also is known as Gem State, and once you visit the place you will find out why it is truly a precious place. Though there are countless gemstones and natural resources, many Idahoans would say that the real gem is the landscape. If you are a nature lover, you are in the right place. Read on to know everything about the place before you step ahead.

things to know Boise, Idaho

Potatoes Are a Big Part of Idaho’s Identity

Potatoes constitute the benchmark of Idaho identity. If you are shifting to Idaho, you will love to avail the opportunity to visit the Idaho Potato Museum and see how the Idaho Potato Commission works to promote locally grown potatoes. According to them, many factors contribute to perfect growing conditions such as suitable climate, volcanic soil and effective irrigation system.

The North End Has All the Character

If you are searching for the finest place to live in Boise, heading towards North is the right choice. This exclusive district of Boise is known for its historic sites, tree-lined highways, and charming neighborhood full of life and character. In the year 2008, the American Planning Association has recognized it as one of the best neighborhoods in the country. There is a great community and you will get an astronomical view with downtown Boise.

Livable City

There are many things to love about Boise, Idaho. The city was included in the SmartAsset’s 2017 list as the best state capitals. Not only you will like the climate, but the unlimited recreational activities with low crime rates have made it one of the finest choice.

Full of Tree Huggers

The treasure valley of Boise is also known as the City of Trees. There are several stories that differ primarily depending on what you ask or what you intend to look for. However, one response is quite obvious. You will find beautiful trees throughout the city which makes it one of the most wonderful landscape you will ever come across.

Treefort Is Absolutely Rock ‘n’ Roll

Undeniably, it’s a great place to live in, though the music scene is the best thing you will ever find here. The city comes with some of the most skilled artists, and therefore don’t forget to visit the popular Treefort Music Festival where numerous people from diverse cultures come together and enjoy the several exciting performances.

Homeownership Rates are High

According to the homeownership rate, the city is 12th-highest in the nation. The population in the state is relatively low and therefore many residents in Idaho are homeowners in single-family houses. If you have made up your mind to stop renting and become a homeowner, shifting to Idaho is the right step. Purchasing a home is certainly a huge investment. However, you need to consider your finances and ensure you are on the right track. Make sure to do a thorough research when finding Boise Idaho Homes for Sale.

Winter Is a Sport All On Its Own

There is no justification to get sluggish in the winters. The city of Boise is all about gigantic mountains and the amazing winter sport adventures. Certainly, it is one of the most renowned spots to hit the slope. You will find snow tubing if you are looking for a thrill and escape from everyday stress without any ski gear.

Craft Beer Is King in Boise

One thing you must do is take the self-guided Boise Ale Trail through several craft breweries. The Tour de Fat Festivity rejoices bikes and brews in Boise annually. Also, get your liver ready for the Brew Olympics which carries ten local breweries together with the finest beer of the city during American Craft Beer Week.

Shoshone Falls Will Blow Your Mind

Shoshone Falls is one of the most popular attractions at Idaho located on the Snake River near Twin Falls. With 212 feet in height, the Shoshone falls is even higher than Niagara Falls. You can visit the site from March to September and it will cost you no more than $3.

Weather Can Be Extreme

At times, the weather in Idaho can be either extremely hot or cold. The average low temperature in the city is 24 degrees in December. On the contrary, the average high temperature in July is approximately 91 degrees.


If you have made up your mind to move to Idaho, it can be an excellent choice if you want to have access to captivating scenery and a strong economy. However, it might not be a perfect place if you are looking for big-city living. Though this city will definitely fulfill your dreams of homeownership and spending plenty of time outdoors.

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