What You Should Know About Taking NEET Mock Tests


There is no introduction required for the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test or NEET. As one of the most challenging medical entrance exams in India, NEET has earned an impressive reputation.

It is no wonder that students try to learn everything under the sun. Their preparation includes several hours of dedicated study time, practice papers, group sessions, and more. And to that list, you can add the NEET mock test.

Mock tests play a vital role in helping MBBS and BDS aspirants clear the esteemed entrance test. To score a seat at the top medical colleges in India, you should attempt many mock papers.

Why Should You Take a Mock Test Before the NEET Exam?

Mock tests help you get better scores while cracking the exam and can also improve your confidence. Here are the many benefits of NEET online mock tests:

Increased focus and concentration. One of the many problems that students have with any exam is sitting for long hours. It not only needs you to have good stamina but also immense concentration.

You can attain both by taking as many mock tests as possible. They will help you develop a tolerance for concentrating on one thing without getting distracted.

Improved knowledge and skill. First and foremost, you get a deeper understanding of all the concepts of the exam. By taking the chapter-wise test, you can turn your weaknesses into strengths.

You will also understand how each question can be framed, and with past exam papers and previous years’ mock tests, you can score more in NEET.

Better time management. When it comes to competitive exams, time is of the essence. No matter how accurately you answer, you can’t clear the test if you are not on time.

As you keep attempting more tests, your timing will improve. You will understand how much time to allow for each question based on the difficulty level.

Seeing as the benefits you receive from taking a NEET mock test are immense, you should start early. But before you do, here is what you should know:

Allocate the Last Few Weeks for Mock Tests and Revision

Plan to include revision when you plan to cover the vast syllabus of the NEET mock test. And the few weeks you have before the exam must be only for revision and practice tests. If you learn new concepts at this time, you may get even more confused.

Rigorously practice the mock tests and revise as much as you can. You can gauge your worth and understand where you stand. You can even identify your weak spots and work on them accordingly.

Since the NEET exam pattern is the same as the mock papers, taking them improves your performance. Keep appearing for online mock tests to excel at the final entrance exam.

Take a Variety of Mock Tests

Mock tests can be section-wise, chapter-wise, or subject-wise. You can attempt them separately or take them all at one time. When you have enough practice by making the syllabus into chunks, it’s best to attempt the full exam.

But first, focus on one particular subject, improving on each topic. Each time you take the test and get your score, compare your answers with the solutions. This way, you will know exactly where you went wrong and how to avoid it in future attempts.

Topic-based tests are ideal if you are confident in all areas but a few. You can evaluate how good you are and, in the end, compare how far you have come.

Don’t Forget to Cover Previous Papers

Even if you practice for hundreds of hours, you cannot underestimate the value of previous papers. Sometimes, the exam board may repeat certain questions every few years because of their worth.

So, make sure to check out the previous years’ question papers. Some mock tests are designed based on these exact questions to give students the utmost benefits. They typically cover all the crucial topics from the syllabus.

The number of mock tests and previous papers to attempt is ideally 12 and 15, respectively. Including these many papers will have a huge impact on improving your overall performance. So, ace those mock tests and ensure a higher score in your final exam.

Pay Attention to the Exam Pattern and Negative Marking

Finally, remember that you should not give any wrong answers. For the right answers, you get +4 points. But if you answer inaccurately, you lose ¼ points. So, wrong answers can potentially alter your chances of getting a seat into your desired medical course.

First, attempt the questions in the right order. Solve the questions that you are confident about, and then get to the others. You can get a handle on this by taking more mock tests, starting today.

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