Why More Travellers Opt for Self-Drive Rental Cars in Chennai?

Self-Drive-Rental-CarsChennai is a tech hub and a melting pot of many cultures. With such a huge population in the city commuting every day, it also has lakhs of vehicles. Those who have their own cars have the luxury to go where and when they want.

For others, it comes down to using public transit or hiring cabs or autos. But when you take a taxi, you may realise that there are some drawbacks. Whether it is the cost factor or freedom of choice, taxis or cabs may not suit some people. So, they usually look for reputable services that provide the opportunity to use a self-drive car rental in Chennai.

No matter what your travel intent is, rental cars may be a better choice. Here’s why:

More Safety

You may live in the centre of Chennai or somewhere in the quaint suburb of Valmiki Nagar. Yet, the conditions of Indian roads remain the same. Somewhere, there are the traffic hurdles you have to cross. In other places, you may have potholes or mud roads.

If the driver is exhausted or uninterested in taking the trip, it shows in his driving. And you may get into dangerous incidents. Or, they may rush on the road and not follow traffic rules.

Either way, driving in those situations can be risky. And how can you trust someone else when you have impeccable driving skills? Choose a car rental service and drive yourself safely.

Increased Privacy

It is tough to maintain confidentiality in a driver’s presence. Your family cannot speak in hushed whispers so the driver doesn’t hear your personal details nor can you speak in a coded language. It is not that every stranger you encounter must be suspected, but we all value our privacy.

For instance, you are travelling as a group to attend a wedding. And we all know how exciting Chennai weddings can be. The bride’s family is from Vandalur, where the ceremony takes place. Arriving from Besant Nagar, in those 40 minutes, you may have spilled many juicy details.

How would you feel if a stranger is listening in and smirking at your anecdotes? It is even more embarrassing if you are travelling as a couple. You can see the romance go out the window or endure judgmental looks from the cabbie. So, when going out on personal trips or in late evenings, it is always better to choose a self-drive car.

Cost Benefits

One big plus with car rentals is that you can choose the vehicle you drive. It is not random like some app that sends you the available drivers and cars near you. You can pick which model suits your requirements and budget.

Besides, if you are a party of five, you cannot squeeze in when you have a driver. So, space optimization is also not possible. Someone has to drop out or take another vehicle. Not to mention, the fuel efficiency you achieve when you drive can save major bucks.

Coming to savings, some taxi fares shoot through the roof, especially for outstation trips. With a cab rental, you can have the car for as long as you want. During this time, you may make long trips any number of times. You only pay the company for the time and purchase the fuel yourself.

Ultimate Freedom to Go Anywhere

Sometimes, cab services you book on an app do not function well. Even if you book in advance, they may not arrive on time. You may miss your meeting or a flight that can change your life.

Worst of all, some drivers downright refuse to pick up because you live in a remote location. It is bad enough that some places are still not connected by public transit, owing to various reasons. And if you cannot get your own ride, it is even more difficult.

Just ditch the cabs and find a reputed place that offers a self-drive car rental in Chennai. If you want to travel at dawn or at midnight, you have the car right with you. You are not bound by someone who dictates the time limits or routes.

For instance, you may be planning to take out-of-state visitors to a full-day trip. On your list, you have Elliot’s beach, Breezy Beach, and MGR Film City. With a rented car, you choose the route and the order you want to visit these places.

Most of all, self-drive cars are pure fun when you hang out with your close ones. Every day can be a celebration, even if you commute many kilometers.

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