Why Parents Should Have Two Kids Than One?

why-parents-should-have-two kids

Have you got married recently and now are you doing family planning? If so, think ‘We shall have two kids instead of one.’ Yes, make up your mind to have at least two children in your family planning.

Most parents don’t go for 2nd child when the first kid is a boy. It has become the mentality of most of the parents in the world. They take a second chance in one situation when the first kid is a girl. Having a boy kid in the family is the priority of our society. There is another theory about it. But we will only talk about the benefits and reasons for having two kids in a family.

Reason and Benefits of having  two children

Kids are pure by heart and mind. They are very cute and sweet. Kids are also the most lovable to their parents, family, and relatives. The birth of a child brings a sense of completeness to a family, creating a lifelong bond. But you will feel more happiness when you have more than one kid in your family. Following are the reasons, why you should have two kids.

Parents are parents

The first challenge the parents of single children have to face is that there is no one to play with and stay always with their children. That is why parents have to play, roam, and do naughty things with their children themself. And that child cannot play with his parents as happily as he/she does with other children.

Company to each other

As we like a peer group to talk with them, and do activities, similarly a child also likes to play and talk with children of his age. A child is not as happy with elders as he/she is with another child. So a child also needs the company of other children. With whom they can play, jump, talk, run, and smile.


If a parent has two children, they will support each other in life. They will help each other when one is in trouble and need support. Life becomes easy when you think your brother and sister are with them. Your own blood relationship is the real in this world. Others watch the play and enjoy it.

Don’t get bored

A single kid gets bored very quickly but when a second child is around them, they keep having fun, playing, and enjoying. Both kids also keep talking with each other, watch TV, play games, and enjoy every indoor and outdoor activity. It is all because he/she has a sibling company, support, and involvement.

Learn More

Two kids learn things more quickly and effectively than a single child. They take each task as a competition and try to do better than each other. They keep watching and learning from each other, try new things, and aren’t afraid. They help each other in school work, playing activities, and solving life problems.

Parents Take Care

Parents also get support from two children. When a child grows up and works far away, the other child can stay with the parents and take care of them. A boy takes care of his parents physically and a girl supports her parents mentally. The parents need support for their children in their aging and difficult times.

More Years to Love Your Little

After nursing and having your first child, when another little one comes into the family, she/he adds more years to your life to play and love a little baby. Kids can bring joy and happiness and develop a sense of purpose and meaning in life.

Many families find that two children bring a unique balance to their lives. Siblings, regardless of gender, can provide companionship, develop social skills through play, and offer a lifelong bond. Having two children has many benefits and advantages. However, the decision of how many children to have is a deeply personal one. You can also share your thoughts on this topic in the below comment area.

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