5 Home Robots that Save You Time

Home-Robots-Save-TimeWith the advance in technology today, more and more robots are being built on a daily basis to increase efficiency and save time. Within the next decade or so there’s a possibility that robots would have become an ordinary part of our lives and households.

People nowadays live hyperactive lives, in terms of our work schedules and school. There is simply less time to do everything. Time management is essential in today’s fast modern world and technology is coming to the rescue to provide us with ways that would save us time.

The following home robots are some of the solutions that technology is providing in order to make our lives much easier, provide us with convenience and save us a lot of time.

5 Robots for Home Use

1. Robot vacuumsSteps Keep Cleaned Home

Vacuuming might seem like a simple task but it is one that requires keenness to avoid missing dirty hard-to-reach spots such as under the seats. The good news is that with the new inventions you no longer have to dread this activity and spend hours vacuuming.

A robot vacuum has features that aid it in finding its path around a home.

  • Sensors – A robot has programmed sensors that guide it in maneuvering around unblocked areas in the house.
  • Cliff sensors – which enable a robot vacuum to calculate the distance from the top of the stairs to the bottom. If the sensors detect that the gap is too deep, the robot assumes it has reached a cliff and immediately turns away,
  • Wall sensors – using infrared lights these sensors help robot vacuums to detect walls so that they can run along them and clean the edges on the walls.
  • Mapping – An onboard digital camera takes pictures of everything around the house and the robot uses the data to create a map of the room. This enables the bot to know where it has already cleaned and where it is yet to go. In case of a low battery, the robot can go back to its charging dock, recharge and then continue with the cleaning.

Robot vacuums provide a thorough, quick and even method of cleaning, even if you have a large house.

2. Robot mops


With robot mops, you can now bid goodbye to your old fashioned bucket and mop. Robot mops have a number of cleaning modes to ensure your house stays clean including dry sweeping, dry and wet mopping among others.

They can spray water then agitate the cleaning pad to remove the marks on the floor. You can rest assured that no dirt will be spared as it works it’s way around the room. They are also compatible with your phone’s Operating System and work well with Amazon’s Alexa, Google Assistant and some are even compatible with iPhone’s Siri.

All you need to do is to fill up the robot’s tank and press the start button and you can just sit on your couch and issue commands or change modes and watch your floors become spic and span.

3. Robotic window cleanerbay-window-london-roman-shade

Windows are some of the places in a house that can get dirty quite often. This is because of exposure to dust from roads and weather elements such as rain. Cleaning windows can be a daunting task especially if your house has many windows or high windows.

Fortunately, there are robotic window cleaners that can help you with the task at half the time it would have taken you. Robotic window cleaners attach to a window using motorized suction and have small wheels that provide a smooth glide back and forth.

All you need to do is to add a window cleaning solution onto the cleaning pad and you can put your feet up and let your robotic window cleaner do the job for you. Once it is finished, you’ll receive an alert on your phone and you can repeat the step onto another window.

4. Robotic lawnmowersRobotic-lawnmowers

If you own a garden, then you understand the labor that comes with mowing the lawn. Well, you need not worry anymore, technology has come to your aid once again with the robotic lawnmower. The robotic mowers come equipped with collision controls and GPS trackers.

Most of the robots have large wheels to provide a good grip to deal with any bumps and hold it steady. They might not be cheap and easy to come by but they can save you a lot of time and money that would have otherwise been used to hire a gardener.

5. Robotic pool cleanersRobotic pool cleaners

Robotic pool cleaners are the oldest invention in this list. They have been around for quite some time and have always proven to be the best thing especially for all pool owners. Modern pool cleaners don’t require the pool pump and create suction from the electric motor which propels them in water.

The robotic pool cleaner can be plugged into the house power outlet and the power is converted into low voltage current making them safe for use in the water. Robotic pool cleaners have electronic sensors that enable them to clean even in corners of the pool.

The robot can also be programmed to clean at a specific time, at specific intervals and specific areas in the pool. The remote control on most bots enables the owner to move the robot anywhere he wants.

The filters circulate clean water back into the pool. However, the filters must be kept clean at all times to ensure that no debris is lodged back into the water when cleaning in another cycle. Pool cleaners can save you time and save you the pain of cleaning the pool yourself or hiring a pool cleaner.


By creating convenience and providing us with more time on our hands, we can now handle other important tasks thereby increasing our efficiency and productivity in any of our areas of expertise.

There are varying opinions however about the safety of having robots in our households. No matter the theories in place, robots are slowly becoming a part of our everyday lives. It is time to say hello to the future!

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