5 Tips to Secure Your Home During Renovation

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Home-Renovation-and-SecurityRenovations can be an exciting time for many homeowners and while your home goes under a remodel, there are plenty of reasons to be vigilant of your home and family’s safety.

With many strangers likely to be constantly streaming in and out of your house during your renovation, it’s important to consider these 5 steps in making sure your valuable belongings and family stay safe throughout.

Check How Credible They Are

An official background check may not be necessary but there are plenty of ways you can independently ascertain your contractor is credible. It can be useful to firstly get a contractor referral from friends or family to get information on whether they would recommend them to others. Before you decide to take anyone on, be sure to check that the contractor’s credentials are official and legitimate, by finding out how experienced and qualified they are and whether they’re involved with an official association. Scrutinising a contractor’s employment process can also help ensure that your contractor is hiring trusted people. Be sure to find out how they plan to ensure your home’s safety and what advice they have on ways to keep the home secure.

Store Your Valuables

From time to time, a planned renovation can involve exposed walls that increase the risk of a lack of home security. Your valuable belongings that were once safe are now suddenly exposed. A safe can be a standard solution to stow away your belongings securely. Adding bolts or placing it behind locked doors can also help, while larger items may require you to rent a storage facility.

Step Up Your Security

Your security system can be disrupted during a renovation, especially if large parts of your home are being torn down. You should contact your security system provider to see what they can offer and evaluate your options. If you don’t already have a security system in place, it’s wise to speak with a provider about the possibility of installing a new system together with the renovation. There are plenty of functions that security systems provide, from motion sensors to video surveillance.  Burglars and thieves will feel more exposed, while unsavoury behaviour can be caught on camera. If you’re not running any electricity during your renovation, it’s essential to consider implementing a wireless alarm system that enables mobile monitoring at all times.

No More Keys

Is it time to go key-less? That’s a valid question when considering the number of strangers coming in and out of your home during an extended renovation project. Key-less entry presents its users with the ability to lock and unlock doors virtually at any time, as well as set times for doors to be locked and unlocked throughout the day, while making record of who exactly is coming in and out. In order to keep your home secure, the answer is yes.

Let There Be Light

Out of reach motion sensor lights and outdoor lighting can be a great deterrent for potential burglars. Being made to feel seen or exposed will cause an intruder to scarper the scene of a renovation, while indicating to them that you’ve taken extra precautions. If you don’t have motion sensor lighting, be sure to leave your outdoor lights on at night to keep its surrounding areas visible.

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