5 Ways To Make Money Off Your Art

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Make-Money-Off-Your-ArtIf you’re an artist, it has never been easier to get your name known. Thanks to advances in technology, rapid globalization, and a wealth of information available online, there are so many resources for selling your art that many did not have even twenty years ago. There are ways to make your own marketing plans, and you don’t necessarily have to rely on others to do what you love.

Here are 5 ways to make money off your art

Start an Artist Instagram

Instagram is a wonderful platform to build a following, gain sponsorship, and have your work seen by others. Many artists get booked from Instagram. Industry professionals usually check out a potential artist’s social media page before hiring them, and some even find them based on the Instagram Explore page. Therefore, it is critical that you have a social media page purely dedicated to your professionalism and art that is easy to find. This will get you booked and potential gigs in the future.

Sell at local events

Google and find out which local art events are in your area, and if they are allowing submissions for tabling. This can be a great way to sell and engage with your community, such as potential buyers or other artists. It’s a great way to see what other artists are doing, and how they are managing and marketing their art products.

There are usually local art or cultural events going on in most major cities, so it’s critical you get ahead of the curve. Many organizations or local establishments will typically put out a call-for-artist, so keep your eyes peeled! These are also usually posted on social media, so stay on the lookout for that.

Self-publish your work

Instead of going through the channels of publishing through a large corporation, try self-publishing. This is a wonderful way to be 100% in control of your work, from the process, design, artistry, and contents of what you are publishing. There are so many easy ways to self-publish, and you have a breadth of knowledge available to you online.

With the increase of online book streaming platforms, many indie book artists are now looking towards self-publishing their work as the most effective form of sharing and distributing their work. It’s easy, simple, and cost-effective.

Start a website

An easy way to get all your information in one place is to start a website for your business. Starting a professional website will allow business and art industry insiders to get a sneak peek into your art, all under your own creative control. It will also allow potential clients to scope your work, learn about why and how you make your art, and possibly book you for their next gig. Starting a website is easy, and so many online platforms, whether WordPress or Squarespace, are easily understandable and can allow you to have complete creative control over the distribution of your work.


If you have creative thoughts and are good at color combination, you may do graphic designing.  It is another creative and innovative career option. Many companies hire a book cover designer, website designer, animation designer, clothing, and graphic designer for banners, logos, labels, & posters. So it is another good option either you can join a firm or work as a freelancer.

Sell on Etsy

Etsy is a great way for independent art makers and sellers to distribute their work. This website is very popular, and many people go on it when they want to support independent art sellers and businesses. If you sell on Etsy, although your work is distributed, it also can get lost in all the other artwork available. Therefore, make sure that it stands out from the crowd! Also make sure your professional social media information and website information is also available, so people can find you off the website as well. When it comes to deciding how much you are going to sell your work for, you may wish to use a tool like this Etsy fees calculator so that you can make sure that you set prices that are both fair, and also ensure that you will make some money from it.

If you’re an artist, these are just a few quick tips on how to make money off your art. If your self-expression must be commodified, why not do it in the easiest way possible?

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