Creative Candidates – 5 Tips for Recruiting Creative Employees or Freelancers

Recruiting Creative Employees

When the time comes to work on a special project that requires the assistance of creative employees or freelancers, you may not know how to discover the right person for the job. You know you need someone with flair and creativity, but finding that person to take the lead on a creative project isn’t always easy.

To improve your chances of hiring the right individual or team the first time around, consider doing the following:

Contact a Design Agency

By handing over your next creative project to a creative design agency, you’re allowing someone with more experience in that area to take the lead and free up your time. They can listen to your requirements, offer suggestions, plan the entire project, then assign their most fitting employees to work on it.

Those who know they don’t have the time to manage a creative project on top of their already busy schedule often prefer this option.

Check Out Their Previous Work

A creative freelancer may tell you they’re proficient in all the skills you require, but it’s best to let their work speak for them. Ask to see examples of previous projects so that you can see what they’re capable of and what they may be able to do for you.

Resumes are important for helping you narrow down your pool of potential freelancers, but real-life examples of the very thing you’re looking for will help you find the ideal match.

Provide an In-depth Creative Brief

Whether you’ve decided to hire a creative design agency or manage a group of employees or freelancers, it’s crucial to provide an in-depth creative brief. The person or team you choose to perform the work can’t see your thought processes, and they aren’t likely to produce what you want if you don’t explain it in great detail.

Providing a creative brief with expectations and ideas can also ensure that only the right people apply for your job based on what it entails.

Get Feedback

While it’s a good idea to explore the portfolios of the candidates you’re considering, it’s also worth having them take a look at yours. You may see who stands out the most in your applicant pool by asking for advice or feedback on a previous design project that may have been flawed.

Ask them what they would have done differently with that particular project. You may then be able to see how skilled they are in identifying a problem and coming up with a solution. Problem-solving skills are just as critical as creative skills in most situations.

Pay What They’re Worth

If you’re having trouble recruiting talent for your next creative project, consider whether it’s the work that’s the issue or what you’re willing to pay for it. Do your research on the different payment structures for freelancers, and find out the average wage for creative employees.

If you’re going through a creative design agency, you can compare quotes for the work you require. This step is essential as you can’t hope to attract top talent if you aren’t willing to pay for what that top talent is worth.  

Recruiting creative employees or freelancers can be a multi-step process, but it’s worth taking those steps if it means you’re going to hire the right person for the job. Contact a business specializing in creative projects, provide an extensive brief, and research what you can expect to pay for the best person for the job. This is the best way to ensure your project is completed to your standards.

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