Gable Roof vs Hip Roof Difference

Gable Roof vs Hip Roof – What is the Difference

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Gable Roof vs Hip Roof Difference

The purpose of using a roof is to give protection to the structure of your dream home and the content of this, including your family & you.

There are numerous options when most residential homes are typically sloped so that sleet, water & melting snow can run off into a gutter system. At the same time, this comes to the roof design, which can also impact how efficiently your roof can protect your dreamt house against this weather. Generally, we see two common roof types on homes: gable and hip roofs.

The main differences between this gable and hip roof are the slopes on this side. On a hipped roof, every side slopes typically down to the home’s walls.

In the case of the Gable roof, they have only two triangle-shaped slopes that extend from the bottom of the roof’s eaves to the peak of this central abode.

Gable Roof vs Hip roof:

If you are searching for more living or storage space, you can go with the gable roof. And the hip roofs typically have the lower ceiling in an attic and do not allow the living spaces in maximum cases. But to select this, you have to know the main differences at first.

To do the roof replacement, you must know the differences between these two roofs.

Here we give some differences between these two types of roofs according to their need and preference.

What is the gable roof?

A gable roof is jo way like a hip roof. It comes in a triangular shape and gets placed at the end of a ridged roof. Simply a gave roof consists of only two sides put on the two sloping sides, which start from the ridge and placed till the end of the roof.

Gable roof variations

Here we are giving some gable roof variations, which you can consider, that includes:

  • Front Gable roof
  • Cross-Gable roof
  • Dutch Gable roof

What is the Hip roof?

The hip roof generally does not have any vertical ends. It means this gets slopped on every side & the slope all meet at the peak of a top of the square structure & the specific system is the rectangle, the ends slope onward to form the ridge with adjacent sides.

Hip roof variations:

Here we are providing some hip roof variations that include:

  • Half-hip roof
  • Pavilion Roof
  • Mansard Roof


Hip roofs are sturdier than gable roofs. As it has four sides compared to the two sides of a gable roof, a hip roof is much more durable. But one significant advantage of building a gable roof is that it has a simple design, so it is made cheaper, unlike hip roofs. Building a hip roof is quite an expensive deal in itself. A Gable roof is more spacious than a hip roof, so there is more ventilation in the gable roof.

This is the primary battle of the two most famous roof styles in this universe. The hip roof and the gable roof have their features, so you have to choose them according to your requirements and preference. Both can give you a better function and fabulous look.

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