8 Best Wooden Educational Toys for 5-Year-Olds Kids

Wooden Educational Toys

There is an enormous eruption in the ability to learn at five years old. It is the best time for introducing interactive educational toys that teach verbal skills & math, like mini-computers or phonic boards. You have to select only some cheerful toys, which will say only positive things such as a good job, let’s try after some time instead of that one’s which make some negative remark by which you child can get some negative impact in their mind. Kids of this stage are fantasized about being police officers, pilots, teachers or doctors.

The brain in this stage is constantly developing, so you should properly guide them to get the constructive mindset. Here in this blog, we will give you some ideas about eight wooden educational toys for your kids which will help develop your kid’s brain.

Details about some wooden educational toys:

Wooden toys generally bring back the sense of simplicity & nostalgia. Also, they are constantly appealing just because of the non-toxic nature of the wood. Instead of digging with old toy boxes, some enjoyable and attractive wooden toys are still modern and fun at the same time. Some of these wooden toys mimic their plastic counterparts. You may only find these kinds of toy on popular store. Here in this blog, we provide some options for wooden toys that are also attractive and educational.

1. Wooden Activity Play Cube for kids

This type of plat features multiple animal friends & various sides of play. Every side has its different activities which encourage storytelling and imagination.

2. Mini Band Wooden Clash Instrument:

  • All in one melody creating music instrument, with a drum, xylophone, o guiro, drumsticks, a cymbal and the clapper
  • And encourage the young musicians and also can develop the audio and rhythmic skills
  • Every art is welly screen printed on easy & create wipe clean
  • It is a recommended product for five years, old kids

3. Hape Tap & Pound Bench with a slide-out Xylophone:

  • It is a multifunctional musical instrument
  • It is the actual instrument for fine motor skill development
  • These kids toys can encourage the kids to develop their skills

4. Doug and Melissa Food Groups- Four Crates and twenty-one Wooden Pieces:

  • A healthy play for getting a healthy brain
  • Both fun & educational play
  • It is very much durable, so kids can easily handle this and enjoy it very much

5. Wooden Truck and car Toy Set:

  • This instrument includes the truck which delivers & picks up four colourful cars
  • Very much durable construction and help to develop considerable skills

6. Ramp Racer:

  • It is a delightful and joyful play and gives a boost to the brain of your kids
  • This game can increase the patience level of a kid

7. Rocking Horse:

  • A very classic toy provides hours of imaginative exercise when developing essential coordination & balance skills
  • It can help improve both inner and outer skills because it is a safe and very high-quality playset

8. Long Puppy Wooden Pull Toy:

  • This set can teach your kids some new trendy tricks
  • Can develop fine motor skills and make your kids very much active


These wooden Toys, generally devoid of some possibility of some interaction and sound in themselves, permit your kids to contribute their sound and voices effects in the collaborations with each other. Wooden toys are eco-friendly and they are also not harmful for kids health. 

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