Effective Meditation Tips for Travellers On the Go

Meditation Tips for Travellers

Going on a trip or exploring a new place is exciting. However, let’s be honest: it can also cause stress. That’s where these meditation tips come in.

Your daily meditation, or spiritual practice, is something that allows you to link to yourself on a deeper level. It also helps attach your connection with your surroundings and those who matter to you. When you practice mindfulness, meditation, and gratitude daily, you feel happier, more focused, and at peace, even when you are travelling.

So, how can you continue your meditation practice when you are out of your comfort and away from your usual daily routine? Traveling can easily get you out of your routine, but you don’t have to sacrifice your meditation practice. Mediating in nature or earthing practice is even better than indoor meditation. You can also use light therapy devices or carry crystals that will help you keep positive energy. Follow these effective meditation tips for travellers to ensure a balanced life, even when you’re on the go.

Use Your Breath

You always carry your breath in your lungs! Using your breath helps you stay connected to yourself and the present.

Practice breathing exercises, no matter what you do or where you are. Focus on your natural breathing first, fill your lungs, and suck in air from the lower abdomen, release it slowly and relax your muscles. You can increase or decrease the number to develop a relaxing rhythm that you can use to calm yourself down.

Be in the Present Moment

The purpose of meditation is to ground yourself at the moment and to help you become more aware of your surroundings. When traveling, you are already more aware of the things around you because they are new.

However, you cannot assimilate everything, and the novelty itself can be a form of minor distress until you are comfortable with it. Being in the present can help you overcome the impact of the new with the comfort of discovering many new things and meeting new people. This meditation tip will also help you to be aware of what you need to pay more attention to while traveling.

Meditate in Nature

Many travel experiences include entering a natural setting, be it a botanical garden, a sanctuary, a nature reserve or, a national park. Wherever nature surrounds you, you have the opportunity to meditate while contemplating the beauty of the nature that surrounds you. These meditation tips for travellers who love to blend with nature.

Go out of your way to discover nature while traveling. A trip to a new place is not complete without also looking for its natural aspects.

Feel the colors, listen to the sounds, and enjoy the energy of nature while you are among them. Relax and seek to be one with the nature around you. Pay close attention to the natural elements that contribute to your sense of well-being during your trip.

Meditate on a flower. Flowers can be found anywhere, even in the hotel lobby. To meditate on a flower, look at the flower in detail, with love. Take advantage of every detail, color, and completeness. Look at any scent it might have and if it attracts another life, like a bee. Let your attention on the flower open your experience of the wonders of existence.

Exchange energy with trees. Just keep your hand against the bark and imagine that you are energizing the tree. Then imagine that part of the energy from the tree is transferred to you. You can also try to exchange energy with many trees. Keep your hand on the ground and imagine your energy “branching out” underground and flowing through the trees. Remember to conserve some of the energy of nature.

Mediate in Religious Buildings

It’s an excellent meditation practice for travellers who often go to religious places. Churches, temples, mosques, or pagodas are also a natural option, as they are peaceful places specially designed for spiritual and interior contemplation.

You can find them anywhere on the road, even the smallest cities tend to have some sort of religious place where you can rest and meditate. And it is certainly not necessary to be religious to enter it; Being respectful of the place tag is usually all that is required.

In addition to your personal meditation practice, you can also have an interesting cultural experience!

Use Light Therapy Device

Frequent LED light therapy combined with meditation can help reduce stress and anxiety and can boost your mood. A healthy, happy mind has been shown to lead to healthy, glowing skin. Light will manifest all kinds of healing energies in your body on a physical level and will meet you wherever you are.

If you have done a lot of meditation work yourself, the light acts as an accelerator. It is a tool, it does not impose something from the outside, it is just there to help you facilitate the entry inside.

When we give up ego awareness, we have to control and manipulate and make our life in some way safe and secure. When we open up, magic happens. The healing light is a tool that speeds up this process for people to become in love and confidence, and it’s self-esteem, a journey from head to heart.

Carry Crystals

Take crystals on your trip with you. They’re small and easy to carry. Multiple crystals mean different things depending on the energy you want to focus on, such as safe travel, protection, or relaxation. For example, wearing rose quartz symbolizes peace and friendship.

Use crystal as a touchstone to remember your loved ones and focus on love and peace. Rose quartz dissipates negative energy, according to tradition and symbolism.

Choose transparent quartz if you are still not sure which crystal to wear. Symbolically, clear quartz is a versatile crystal that invites positive energy and erases negative energy. Place a crystal in your pocket. Sew it in your bag. Wear it as a ring, bracelet, or necklace. Consider this one as a special meditation tip for travellers.

Listen to a Guided Meditation

You will be likely to carry an MP3 player with you when you travel. How about saving a few megabytes for a few meditation podcasts? By searching the iTunes Store or Google, you will find many free downloads. Try it the next time you are on a plane, train or bus.

I hope these travelling meditation tips will help you keep calm and boost natural energy when you’re on the go.

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  1. Great tips. I really needed these tips. While traveling, I can surely say there is a lot of clutter in my mind. and Meditation is the only way to be stress-free and focused. Thanks for sharing this wonderful article.

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