How to Make Your Holiday Stress Free

Holiday Stress FreeYou have been looking forward to it for months and months and with summer well and truly here we are in the middle of the holiday season. The excitement has been building – two uninterrupted weeks of rest and relaxation. Nothing but pristine beaches, crystal clear lagoons, and a jungle backdrop. Bliss! But then the realization sets in that you have a lot that still needs sorting; transport to and from the airport, hitting the elusive baggage weight, insurance, and many other crucial things.

Make sure your holiday runs smoothly and that you are making the most of your time with loved ones!

Building up to the holiday

There are plenty of things that you can do to ensure your holiday runs smoothly, planning ahead in the build-up to the holiday is key. Taking this time can save you from a lot of headaches once landing. Below is a list of things that you should think about before taking off.

How will you travel to the airport?

Something that people often leave at the last minute is travel to the airport. Booking this in advance will allow you to benefit from the best prices whether you decide to use a train, taxi or car travel. Not only will this save money but it will also provide you with peace of mind knowing that all is taken care of.

Are there any jabs you need?

This is something you really do not want to leave until the last minute – Jabs are essential so that you are covered and fully vaccinated from any diseases that may be found in the country you are travelling to – If you are traveling from the UK then the NHS Travel Conditions site will help!

Medical Insurance Purchased

The last thing you want to worry about during a medical emergency is if you or a family member are covered, take the time to book your travel insurance correctly and save your policy number in case it is needed at any point throughout your holiday.

Packing your caseCar Maintenance Whilst Travel

Packing is often one of the most stressful parts of a holiday, with many of us taking the mindset of how many items can I physically fit in a case without breaking it! Pack for the number of days you are there and plan some of your outfits. It is also a good idea to keep some space free for any items that you might buy whilst abroad. Double-check that you have packed everything and it may be worth making a list. Taking time to pack plasters, insect repellent, and other medicinal items is a good idea to avoid trying to source the equivalent whilst on holiday. If travelling by car, will the cases fit? Try this beforehand to avoid any stress on the day of travelling.

Weigh your bag

Once fully packed make sure that you weigh your bag – failure to do so can result in some hefty additional baggage charges once at the airport. Home scales will work for this and we thoroughly recommend taking the time to do this.

Read up on local attractions and things to do

Taking time to read up on the destination you are travelling to is always a must. Making sure you look before the holiday will mean that you already have an idea of where to go, what to do, and how much things will cost. This is particularly important if travelling as a family, there are more people to please and you do not want to waste your time arguing over different activities to do. No need to have a full agenda just an idea of some things to do.

Hire car/transport once landedAudi-A3-car

Planning your transport can easily be overlooked. How will you get to the place you are staying, will it be via a shuttle bus, or taxi, or will you hire a car from somewhere like Andy’s Auto Rentals Sports, Luxury & Prestige Car Hire? Whatever method you choose, where do you need to meet once landed? Using your time to plan this before the holiday will put your mind and ease and allow for a smooth and uneventful transport to and from the airport.

Spending Money

Deciding on how much money to take is never easy – When deciding on the amount, think about how many days you are there, will you be eating out each day? What activities do you want to do during the time away and always leave some room for movement This allows you to buy or do something that you hadn’t been budgeted for.

Prep for the airport

You’re on the way to the airport and well and truly ready for your holiday. How can you make your time waiting for the flight that little bit easier? Below are some things to think about before arriving at the airport so that there are no hiccups!

Hand baggage allowance

Whilst this changes with each airline it is always important to check the size allowance that will be accepted. In addition to this, making sure that you know what is and what isn’t allowed in your hand baggage will also avoid any problems.

Check your gate and boarding time the night beforebudget Night dating

Download the airline’s APP to your smartphone, check in, and download your boarding pass prior to flying. In most cases, you will be able to do this with no problem but some airlines will require that you have one printed at the airport. Checking the latest check-in time will allow you to plan your arrival time so that you have time to spare.

Have your music playlist ready

We can sometimes spend a long time waiting for our flights so make sure you have something to do to occupy this time. Sort out your favourite Spotify playlists and download them to the device you use. This will allow you to listen to your playlist whilst onboard the flight.

A book or two?

It is always a good idea to have a book on hand when travelling – it is great for passing time at an airport, during the flight, and for some casual reading by the pool. If reading is not your thing then think of some alternatives that you can do.

You’ve made it relaxing!

You’ve landed and guess what, it wasn’t all that bad – the months of planning now seem like a distant memory and you can enjoy your holiday at Mayakoba Riviera Maya.! There are a variety of things you should do upon arrival all of which are simple but will make sure things run smoothly.

Locate a supermarket

Depending on the arrival time of your flight it is important to locate your nearest supermarket. Rather than eating out for the duration of your trip, you will save a lot of money by buying food at the local supermarket. On your first night, all you need is the necessities then you can head back over the following days to get additional items.

Check out the surrounding areas

Exploring the restaurants and amenities close by will help you plan your subsequent days. You may find your local for the next week and perhaps a nice restaurant to eat at on your final night. It will also help you feel more at home knowing your surroundings and seeing some of the local sights.

Sit back and enjoy the holiday!

Now comes the most important task of all, enjoy yourself! You have worked hard for this holiday and taking the time to make it as stress-free as possible will allow you to fully enjoy your time away.

I hope that you have found this guide of use and welcome you to leave any tips or recommendations that you have in the comments section so that we can all enjoy stress-free holidays.

Jack works for Euro taxis providing a range of high-quality, cost-effective, and convenient Taxis in and around Bristol. He enjoys sharing his many years of experience with people to help make travel stress-free and relaxed!

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