5 Memorable Moments on MMO History

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One thing, that gamers cherish the most about MMORPG games – massive events, and powerful bosses, is that players of the server could defeat only together. It’s always fun and interesting to prepare forMoments-MMO-History a hardcore battle, to discover the main features of the boss, and to work on something all together! If you wanna become a part of the breathtaking events, you could find the best lineage private servers and join the community of gamers!

Some of the most memorable events were captured in MMORPG history forever, and a lot of gamers, who taking a part in them, will never forget those emotions and the taste of victory! We’ve made a list of the coolest events in MMORPG ever.

EverQuest: LaunchEverQuest Moments MMO History

That was the most memorable moment in the history of MMORPG games. In 1999 year, developers of the first MMORPG released their product and got fantastic feedback! Thousands of people joined the server and became fascinated by the huge map and millions of miles to explore, by the new fight system and dungeons, filled with monsters.

It was the time, when middle-aged men became interested in-game, and joined the gamer community, which is saved even nowadays. A lot of people spent days, exploring wonderful possibilities of PVP mode, improving their heroes, and finding rare and unique loot.

Since the launch of EverQuest, MMORPG became one of the most popular genres ever in the game industry.

World of Warcraft: Massacre in Winterspring

The World of Warcraft community is one of the most famous ones because it’s really huge, but also includes some weird people, that have an odd influence on the reputation of the game.World-of-Warcraft

The history of the game industry includes one strange story about one of the WoW servers. To be more correct, important to say from the beginning, that the server had a really bad reputation and people registered there at their own risk. This situation happened when the players of the Horde guild knew about the real-life death of their game ally and decided to make a funeral in the game. The game nickname of the guy was Fayejin, and a lot of players of the server voted against the funeral because it’s quite unethical and might offend the mournful family.

But, even though they’ve been asked not to, the Horde guild created massive funerals in honor of their ally and set huge monuments on the server. Some people, though, thought that it was a nice way to say goodbye to the fan of WoW and keep the memory in him forever.

No matter like these people or not, Fayejin’s moment still could be found on that server, saving it’s a strange and tragic story.

Star Wars Galaxies: Virtual Sit-in

Usually, developers of the MMORPG are open to any critique and ready to fix any bug, when the player is sending a letter, describing the situation. They often compensate people for bad emotions, sending them little in-game gifts and quickly fixing the bug.

But, the admins of Star Wars decided to choose another way. They’ve completely ignored offended and disappointed gamers and even were rude enough to send impolite messages.

Of course, the gamer community was pissed and they organized the first virtual sit-in, where they wrote on the boards everything they don’t like about the game. But.. the admins of the server found a creative way to stop this riot and teleported players into outer space. Auch.

Lineage I: Level 88 Attained

Lineage is famous all around the world for being really hardcore MMORPG. The hardest part of the game – is achieving the maximum level of the hero (90). The first 65 levels are quite easy, but after that starting, a real nightmare, that is almost impossible to reach. Only some of the most experienced and patient gamers survived this long way and achieved 82 levels, but it was a record.

But then appeared one Korean gamer, really intended to reach the goal and up to his level as high as possible. He spent a lot of sleepless hours on improving his hero to the 66 levels, and then… two years on achieving 88 levels, playing every single day! It definitely was a record, and his determination is unbelievable!

World of Warcraft: Corrupted Blood Plague

It was an interesting and unique event in the WoW. After a new patch, people had to fight with a powerful boss. But there was a rule: if you failed to kill him, you will get a plague, which quickly spread between other characters. And of course, a lot of people failed, trying to slay the powerful monsters. No wonder, that all server was sick soon, suffering from plague effects until they finally defeated the annoying boss.

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