Get More Leads with this Helpful Realtor Postcard Checklist

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Direct mail is not outdated, as reported by the Data & Marketing Association. It still outperforms paid search and display advertising by more than 12% and social media marketing by 1%. This should be enough evidence for you to start investing in real estate postcards today.

Many emails that you send will likely end up in a spam folder. Even if successfully sent, many will remain unopened. This is because many people are sending emails, and yours may be forgotten in a list of many shouting for attention.

However, unlike emails, your mail is guaranteed to reach your target if you send real estate post cards. The United States postal service reports that 98% of consumers bring in their mail the day it’s delivered, and 77% of those will immediately sort the mail reading each one of them. Unfortunately, the ease and comfort of sending emails correlate with how disposable they are.

Therefore, it’s without a doubt that direct mail marketing and a well-designed postcard are still the best methods for reaching your desired market. You can get more leads with this helpful realtor postcard checklist:

Your Business Information

Branding is essential because people remember brands. Therefore, the first thing that should be included on the front page of your realtor postcards sent out is the business name, logo, and statement associated with the brand.

The information should be on the top or the bottom of the image, but more importantly, it should be visible.

Customize Each Card

Prospects who get a postcard with their names are likely to become a lead when the postcard does not address them with their name.

When you customize each postcard to include the prospect’s name, you personalize the message, and it becomes targeted explicitly to those prospects and no other person. Postcards without names on them feel like the realtor just sent many postcards to different people all over the state.

Top Listed Properties

The aim is to generate leads.

Therefore, it’s essential to include a beautiful photo of the company’s top-listed properties. The images should be interesting. A picture collage will suffice because the aim is to make the listing stand out.

Also, offer prices for each property can be included. A real estate postcard should not be cluttered with too much information. Little is better because it entices the recipient to call and inquire about listed properties.

Contact Information and Headshot

Include a professional headshot. The photo should portray you as friendly and professional. Also, you can include an interesting short caption about yourself. Explain briefly what you offer.

Besides the headshot, ensure contact details such as social media handles, phone number, and email address are available on each real estate postcard sent.

Wrap up

It’s crucial to ensure that your real estate postcards satisfy all the above checklists to provide an ROI. This is important because 50% of prospects find real estate postcards useful. A well-designed postcard with all the necessary information is sure to generate leads.

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