Take a Look at the Most Common Elbow Injuries

Common Elbow Injuries

Whether you are the sport type or not, the injuries of the elbow can happen anywhere. It is an essential part for the optimal motion range of your arm, and you would really have some limited motion range without it. But it does not matter if it is a small or a large injury, it still requires an amount of equal medical attention. Before going to the doctor, try to discover what the cause of your pain really is – did it start hurting when you woke up in the morning, or maybe after a specific activity? This will definitely assist. Following this, we can see the most common injuries of the elbow.


When your tendon is inflamed, this condition is called tendinitis. This can happen quite often in a professional setting, especially if you are an athlete, golfer, or someone who uses a repetitive movement on their job (such as a plumber or a carpenter). It is essentially an inflammation due to overuse, and can be easily fixed if you react in time. Try putting some ice on it and resting your arm, if the pain does not go away in a couple of days, make sure to consult with your doctor.

Another ligament injury

Another injury that occurs very often, again in a professional setting, is the tearing of the ligament. This is yet again caused by a frequent and repetitive movement, such as playing basketball, volleyball etc. The sound of a tendon rupturing completely results in a popping sound that you cannot miss. Now, in order to heal from this, you will need to either undergo physical therapy or a surgery, depending on the severity of the tear.

Valgus extension overload

The VEO usually happens when the protective cartilage in the elbow wears out over time. This particular condition is also vastly known as pitcher’s elbow. The athletes are the ones that usually come face to face with this condition. You can spot the VEO with it’s very specific symptoms – there is a high level of inflammation and pain at the exact point where the two bones touch. There is a very likely chance you will know it is VAO immediately once you first feel the pain.

Ulnar neuritis

This condition is also known as cubital tunnel syndrome, and it is an inflammation. One of the most common symptoms are weakness in the muscles of your hand and the entire arm, numbness, tingling, and of course, severe pain. The reason this is happening is not only a repetitive move, but it is caused by a move that frequently stretches the ulnar nerve.

Olecranon stress fracture

We have come to the absolute most common injury that happens among athletes. This is actually a fracture, and it is caused by transferring the stress from a weakened muscle in the arm right to the bone. The bone is absorbing the stress and results in an olecranon stress fracture. Since it mean the bone is damaged, doctors usually give some time for that to heal properly. However, if it does not heal with time, the alternative would be surgery.

Any way you put it, these are the most common injuries of the elbow. What you need to remember is always take care of yourself, and make sure to pay your doctor a visit, such as this orthopaedic surgeon Adelaide, if you are experiencing some pain in your arm and elbow.

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