Realtors Love These Marketing Platforms in 2023

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Where are realtors gaining the most ground-building their brands? What are the best real estate platforms for gaining more leads and nurturing the ones you have?

To be a successful real estate agent, you need to have a strong grasp of marketing. In 2023, the competition is only getting more fierce. Realtors are finding the right marketing platforms and knowing how to use them.

Your biggest edge is getting in there yourself and finding ways to build your unique brand in these spaces. It’s important you invest your marketing time in platforms where you’ll do your best marketing work. No successful realtor has time to waste on platforms that just aren’t built for your success in 2023.

Below, you’ll find five of the marketing platforms realtors are loving today.

1. SendPulse

Email marketing was important five years ago. Instead of dying off, it’s only become more essential. Today, the realtors doing the work to really understand how to be successful with email marketing have a big competitive edge. Luckily, it’s still not too late to get into email marketing.

There are many email marketing services out there. What makes SendPulse great is its easy-to-use backend. They make it easy to do things like set up automation campaigns. You can use these to introduce new clients to your services or your local area. You can also set up automation campaigns that are triggered by certain activities.

For example, you may send an email with information on homes in different neighborhoods. In SendPulse, you could set up a follow-up email that will only be sent to those who clicked on a particular neighborhood. This offers a more personalized experience.

Your follow-up email is sent to users who’ve shown interest in that neighborhood. Now, you can show them homes in that specific area.

SendPulse is more than just an email marketing service though, they’re a communication tool. With SendPulse, realtors can set up chatbots for their website, SMS messages, and web push notifications. The more you learn how to use these easy tools to better communicate with your clients, the more ways you’ll have to successfully connect with them.

2. Zillow Premier Agent App

Your future clients are on Zillow browsing properties. It only makes sense that you would want to be on Zillow to gain their attention. When it comes to the Zillow Premier Agent App, you get additional features. For example, you can be the exclusive agent on your listings. You can also advertise on other listings that are not exclusive.

Keeping the app on your phone makes it easy for you to reply quickly to messages. This is important on social media, particularly on Zillow. You want to be there and ready to prove you are a helpful resource to this potential client the moment they’re actively thinking about real estate.

To get the most out of Zillow, ask your happy clients to leave you positive reviews when appropriate.

3. BombBomb

You may not have heard of before, but you’ll be surprised by all it can do. While anyone can technically send a personal video message on a platform like Facebook, BombBomb makes it easy to email your client’s video messages.

In 2023, video messages are one of the strongest ways to connect. Video offers a more personalized and branded connection than text or even photos. BombBomb is a paid service, but if you decide to go all-in with video marketing, it’s a strong way to send the kind of brand message that will make you stand apart from other agents.

4. Wise Pelican

What if you took your real estate marketing offline? You can still do this using digital tools, to make your life easy. But what if you connected with your clients through tangible items? Today, this stands out. At a time when most communication is handled digitally; paper marketing is a stronger tool than ever before.

Direct mail campaigns used to be expensive and difficult to put together. Now, Wise Pelican has made it affordable and easy. They offer plenty of customizable Realtor postcard templates. You can upload your own mailing list, or target specific areas to create one using their online tools. They have templates you can take and brand to create something unique that works for you.

When choosing a direct mail company, it’s important to use one that has a good printer with high-quality paper products. Why? Because you’re not just trying to get your message out there. You want to gain attention and have it speak well of your brand. A good quality print job and cardstock will stand out when your audience picks up their mail. As they sort through what’s in their hand, they are more likely to notice a card with vibrant colors and a cardstock that carries some weight.

When creating your direct mail message, remember that all of your marketing messages do better the more personalized and concise they are. Talk to your potential clients about one specific topic and give them a call to action that will be easy for them to follow.

5. YouTube

Video marketing is as strong as ever in 2023. YouTube has long been one of the best platforms for your video marketing messages.

What makes YouTube so great? The platform is trusted. It’s owned by Google, and videos often show up on their search result pages. Mobile users take the time to watch videos there a lot. Many users view YouTube as a top source for them to learn new information. You can use this, then, by creating educational content for potential clients.

If someone is buying a home in your area, what might they want to know? Would they like to know the best neighborhoods for young families? You can create a video that directly answers these questions and use YouTube as a way to establish your brand as an authority on local real estate. Don’t forget to include a call-to-action at the end of your videos so viewers can get in touch with you.

The Best Platforms For Your Real Estate Business

Of these platforms, which will work the best for your brand? Take a look at your marketing schedule and goals. Make a list of your strengths as a marketer. Are you great at creating videos? Then put more time into platforms where you can use those skills. Consider how much time all of these marketing platforms will take as well.

For example, you will need to put a fair amount of time into building enough videos on YouTube to establish yourself. That time investment can be worth it! With direct mail marketing, you can create a smart campaign in only a few hours. You’ll want to track your results so you can then create your next campaign. But that is still a much smaller time investment.

Spread your marketing efforts among the platforms you use as best you can. Track your results so you know where you’re doing well and where you could put more effort. Keep building your marketing over time so you can create steady streams of leads coming in and thrive as a real estate agent in 2023. 

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