How to Care for Outdoor and Garden Furniture

Outdoor and Garden Furniture

For high-quality design in stainless steel, wrought iron, and aluminum. So that you can enjoy your furniture for a long time, we have selected or developed the materials for our products in such a way that neither rain nor strong UV radiation can harm them.

This means that your furniture can be left outside in summer or winter and will look great for years to come. In contrast to conventional outdoor lounges, the care required for furniture is minimal. Here you can find out everything you need to know about our materials. If you still have a question, please feel free to contact our customer service at any time.

Outdoor lounges – products made from an extraordinary material

stands for high value and quality in all areas. That’s why we prefer the material for our outdoor lounges. Our products combine luxury with durability, so you will enjoy them for a long time. Is extremely durable and at the same time sustainable, which creates completely new application possibilities.

The fiber-reinforced hybrid material makes garden furniture consisting of approx. 60% rice husks, approx. 22% rock salt and approx. 18% mineral oil. This structure makes it environmentally friendly on the one hand and resistant to external influences such as sun, rain, snow, or saltwater on the other. In addition, garden furniture is extremely easy to care for and can hardly be distinguished from real tropical wood both visually and haptically.

How to care for outdoor furniture

Like all objects that are constantly exposed to the weather (e.g. cars), the garden furniture also requires a certain amount of cleaning and care. The effort required for this was fortunately minimized as far as possible by our technician’s thanks to the special refinement.

The surface is closed by sealing with Resysta RFS. Thanks to this sealed structure, dirt particles only cling to the surface and can be easily removed with a gentle jet of water (e.g. garden hose) or a soft brush.

This is the best way to care for your garden furniture

We recommend renewing the sealing of your furniture for heavily used surfaces. Depending on wear, the surface sealing should be renewed before the paint layer has worn off.

This can prevent a costly repair. Before reapplying, we recommend cleaning the surfaces of your furniture, sanding it lightly, and then removing the sanding dust. The paint is applied according to the processing instructions.

Garden furniture metal – wrought iron

Outdoor lounges and remarkable furniture offer you a variety of fine metal products such as high-quality pavilions and romantic garden furniture. Wrought iron is one of the favorites of our design garden furniture made of metal because it is particularly hard-wearing and extremely robust and at the same time looks elegant and luxurious.

Effect painting with real silver particles

Cavity profiles with wall thicknesses of 1.5 and 2mmprotective top layer of transparent powder coating baked at 225 degrees. Design wrought iron garden furniture: cleaning & maintenance clean your design wrought iron garden furniture with water and a mild soapy solution or commercially available detergents. If your design metal garden furniture shows rust film, treat it with rust remover and then care for it with oily agents such as anti-corrosion spray.

Chose wrought iron furniture

Design garden furniture metal – stainless steel

The high-quality metal design garden furniture made of stainless steel, which you will find at outdoor lounges and remarkable furniture, has numerous positive properties. Above all, they are robust and easy to care for, but always look good. Remarkable Furniture outdoor lounge settings available are made durably and beautifully without compromising on quality. 

Garden furniture made of stainless steel: cleaning & care

Clean your premium stainless steel garden furniture with water and a mild soap solution or standard cleaning agents. If your design metal garden furniture shows slight rust formation (rust film), we recommend removing this immediately with a household sponge and treating it with stainless steel cleaner.

Garden furniture metal – aluminum

The diverse garden furniture, such as garden tables, chairs, and high-quality metal pavilions, boasts a number of advantages. High-quality aluminum alloys make your design garden furniture particularly durable.

Garden furniture made of aluminum: cleaning & care

Clean your aluminum design garden furniture with water and a mild soap solution or standard cleaning agents. Avoid hurting yourself with sharp or scratchy cleaners as these could damage your metal furniture design.

Our high-quality garden furniture is very easy to care for. For adequate care, clean your premium furniture with water and a mild soap solution or commercially.


The fabric outdoor furniture is particularly easy to care for. This results from the careful processing and the water-repellent property of the fabric garden furniture. It is best to clean your garden furniture fabric with water and a mild soap solution or standard cleaning agents.

Outdoor fabrics for the highest demands

Imagine your cushions being just as weather-resistant as your furniture. This is exactly what we can guarantee with our technology. Our cushions are not only water-repellent but also have a high UV and light resistance. For you, this means in concrete terms: durability, time savings, and maximum seating comfort.

Low-maintenance use

After a downpour, shaking or patting to remove water from the surface of the cushions is usually sufficient. The well-thought-out foam core is adequately protected so that it cannot soak up water. The zips are of high quality “worked around the corners” to make it more than easy to change the core – for washing, for example.

After repeated washing and frequent wet brushing, the fabric should be re-impregnated so that the water-repellent properties are retained. During longer periods of rain or in winter, we still recommend dry storage, as upholstery seams cannot be sewn 100%. So you can use and enjoy your upholstery again as soon as the first rays of sunshine appear.


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