10 Ways to Find a Job That You Want

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Whether you pass out of college or find a new job opportunity that meets your professional skills? There are several online and traditional ways that can be used to find a company or contact influential employers. You must follow these ways to get your job easier or to increase the possibilities of getting hired. Today smart job finders use the following top 10 ways to find a job.

1. Online Job Registration Websites:

Post your resume today and get a job tomorrow. Yes, it is true! Job searching mostly starts online and job-seeking websites make this process very easy and super fast. You can do free registration and submit your resume or biodata to online job sites. You start getting calls direct from the companies or job recruiters as soon as they find your resume on these job portals. They schedule an interview immediately with just a phone call or by email. It is one of the best and most simple job recruiting processes in today’s world. There are many job search sites on the internet that are worth checking Indeed, Career Builder, Eluta, Jobboom, LinkedIn are best for the USA and Canada | Gumtree, Seek, Jobsdb for Australia | Jobseekers, Reed, Total Job for UK | Naukri, Monster, TimesJobs for India and many more like Job.com, TheLadders, Glassdoor, Dice.com, Google for Jobs You will need to create a professional profile, add your educational information, work, and experience, contact information so that companies can find and approach you.

2. Job Apps:

A modern-day search for employment involves a lot more than just scanning the job boards and submitting a resume. Technology has updated and Apps are taking the place of websites. Now job seekers can download job apps on their smartphone, tablet, or desktop, which provide easy access and updates on the latest job openings. You will need to create your profile, save your job searches and you will start getting notifications on new job openings. These apps save you time, easy to apply for a new job, and latest job updates in just a refresh. Such wonderful apps are Indeed, Linkedin Job Search, SimplyHired, JobStreet, JobDB, Monster, Glassdoor, CareerBuilder, Craigslist, etc.

3. Read newspapers for Employment:

If you are looking for a new job, you will want to examine your local newspapers, journals, and notice boards, especially the employment sections in the local newspaper. In fact, you may even have a subscription to one of your local papers. Newspapers are still a common method of looking for a job in many regions. You will find vacancies in different fields even in both private and governments sectors jobs in every newspaper. Most newspapers publish employment editions one time a week (particularly Wednesday and Saturday) and some release job vacancies several times a week. Most newspapers are now also available online, called paper. They also write an article on how you can improve your carrier, job interview suggestions, and career-building editorials. Seek a job according to your qualification in the employment section and schedule an interview by contacting them.

4. Email Your Resume to Job Recruitment Agency:

This method is hassle-free and helps to get the desired job that matches your skills. You only need to send your resume to a job recruitment agency or you can meet them by visiting their location. They will search for a job for you. The biggest benefit of employment agencies, they charge a small fee only when you get hired by that particular company. Important note, Employment agencies recruit for positions within a specific industry, so research each agency before you reach out to any of them. For instance, if you are a computer engineer and finding a job in the IT industry. So does a recruitment agency have a network of contacts to identify the right job for you?

5. Job Reference:

Picking a good employment reference is the right selection criterion. Family, friends, and former co-workers or associates are valuable sources of job information and can even recommend you to their own bosses. Ask your friend or relative to give your reference to their company. It really works and many companies prefer this way because they see trust in this method. Many companies ask their current employees to give any job references which match their job criteria. So in that situation, your friends or known can refer you to that position. The secret to reference success choose people who will speak highly of you and make it easy for them to do so. Come out approach potential employers and use your networks – people are your greatest resource.

6. Job Fairs and Events:

Attending a job fair can help you in your career search. Some are held by a single organization recruiting for a certain type of position, and others are hosted by college campuses for corporate recruiters looking to fill internships. Mainly the company set up job placement fairs at college and academic levels so that they can select well-qualified, highly marked, and intelligent employees even during their studies. Also, you will find job fairs in your city’s editorial centers. Job finders still use job fairs to network, make positive first impressions, and learn about companies and their requirements. Find out where is the next job fair in the nearby city, do the preparation, and get hired on the spot for some of the best jobs. Job fairs offer a venue to obtain solid practice promoting yourself and creating a positive impression. Take to the job fair as many copies of your resume, and leave them at the exhibit booths. Job fairs offer a great opportunity for social networking with other professionals to take advantage to find legal assistant jobs Melbourne, IT jobs, business assistants, and more.

7. Online Social Networks:

Social media does not only allow connecting people with each other but also it is a nice job update platform. Social media websites have been playing a vital role in helping students to find their dream job. You can join any profession-related job community page and stay up to date with new job openings and career guidance. You should make your profile more professional, and add your education and work experience history. LinkedIn is a powerful social media site to easily connect with the right people and an excellent resource for all job hunters. For example, if you work in the IT sector, you could aim to connect with all potential employees and human resource departments in this industry. You can take the help of any LinkedIn tool like UseViral to find the connection. Many big to small companies use Facebook. It is another good way to find the right company. Maybe someone can refer you to their firm. Follow companies on Twitter that you want to work for, and you can stay up to date with their news. Social network sites have the ability to spread your post to millions of audiences across the country. You can also take advantage of the Google Alert service. Set Google Alerts to stay up to the moment with anything and everything carrier-related.

8. Cold Calls:

Do you have a list of companies you would like to work for? If not find your field-related companies. All the information you need is available on the web. It is easy to find detailed information about your field-related companies. Try to find the contact number or email of the human resource department as they have all the information about a new opening in their firm and make a cold call to companies to see if they have any openings. If currently there are not any jobs open, you can ask them to get your resume so that they can contact you in the future when there will be job requirements. It can also be a very effective and underutilized method if you contact the right person at the right time. You should have your mental approach outlined. If you are calling in person, make sure you have dressed appropriately and have a focus on success.

9. Go Door-to-Door job hunting:

When looking for a job or in other fields and having plenty of free time, try to go door to door method. This is the traditional job-hunting method people use and this method still works. It seemed like a great way to make an impression and find out about jobs before they were advertised. Prepare a list of relevant companies, and find out their address and contact information. You will need to carry plenty of resume copies, cover letters, and other relevant documents to drop off at prospective employers. Also, give a professional look to yourself and impressive communications. The major advantage of the door to door job hunting is if any company has job requirements then you can give an interview with that company on the spot.

10. Volunteer Jobs:

Volunteering is a great way to get work experience and an even full-time job as well. Volunteering can help you find a job and advance your career. If you are not currently looking for a new job or don’t have a job then Join a volunteer group, work with full dedication and apply for a permanent job in the same group or other industry. Whether paid or unpaid, shows potential employers that you are hardworking and dedicated to your work. As a volunteer, you can meet many different employees in an organization and you have an opportunity to build a good relationship with them. Additionally, be sure to notice how things could change if you came on full-time.

Hope this post will help you to find the right job. Don’t forget to share how did you get your first job?

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