People Murder Family Members

Why People Murder Their Family Members or Relatives

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People Murder Family Members

Every day you listen news and watch videos on social media about someone who murdered their own family member or relative without any big reason. It is also called It is the dark side of our society when a person kills someone who is in their blood relation. Son is murdering the father, grandpa, or mother, and the same father or mother is killing each their even their sibling.

You may also not know what’s going on in our society. You never heard this kind of news in your childhood. Everybody feels bad and worried when they watch these kinds of news. If someone murders their family member then what can they do with others? It has become a big concern and matter in society and we need to discuss the reasons, motives, and consequences of familicide.

Reason Why People Kill Their Family Members or Relatives

Crime has increased in our society. The psychological and sociological factors behind family homicide:

Anger or rage

Some people don’t have control over their anger. A person who is feeling angry or enraged may lash out at their family members, even if they do not intend to kill them. This is especially likely if the person has been abused or neglected by their family members. 

Mental illness

Some people who commit familicide may suffer from mental disorders such as depression, personality disorders, Jealousy, psychosis, or substance abuse. These conditions may impair their judgment, affect their emotions, and distort their perception of reality. They may also experience suicidal thoughts or impulses, and decide to take their family with them. For example, some women who kill their children may have postpartum psychosis, a rare but serious mental illness that occurs after childbirth.

Money and Greed

People who are struggling financially may feel desperate and hopeless, and they may see murder as a way to solve their problems. This is especially likely if the person feels like their family members are the cause of their financial problems. Some drug-addictive people kill their fathers, mothers, or wives because they want to take over their wealth.

Domestic violence

People who are involved in domestic violence may eventually kill their abuser or their abuser’s children. This is often a last resort after the victim has tried everything else to escape the violence.


Some people who commit familicide may have a strong need for control and dominance over their family members. They may view their family as an extension of themselves, and feel threatened by any challenge to their authority or status. They may also have a history of domestic violence or abuse, and use murder as a way of punishing their spouse or children for perceived wrongdoings or betrayals. For example, some men who kill their families may do so because they believe their spouse cheated on them or wanted to divorce them.


Some people who commit familicide may face overwhelming stressors in their lives, such as financial difficulties, unemployment, legal problems, or health issues. They may feel hopeless, helpless, and ashamed of their situation, and see no way out of their troubles. They may also feel responsible for providing for their family, and think that killing them is a way of protecting them from suffering or hardship. For example, some men who kill their families may do so because they lost their jobs or faced bankruptcy.

Inter caste marriage

Inter-caste marriage honour killing is a heinous crime that violates the human rights of individuals who choose their life partners across caste boundaries. It is a form of violence perpetrated by the family or communities of the victims, who consider their actions as a way of preserving their honour and tradition.

These are some of the possible explanations for why people murder their family members or relatives, but they are not exhaustive or definitive. Each case has its circumstances and motivations that need to be examined carefully and respectfully. Familicide is a rare but devastating phenomenon that affects not only the victims and perpetrators but also the survivors and society at large. They may seek a federal criminal lawyer dc to defend them in court if they are charged with a federal crime. But no lawyer will assist them with this serious crime because most of the accused confessed to the crime in these kinds of cases.

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