4 Tips For Selling Your Crafts Online

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Due to the pandemic, many of us have had extra time on our hands than ever before. As a result of us being stuck indoors, many discovered that they love crafting, and turned that hobby into a side gig by selling their products online.

Selling your crafts on marketplaces such as Etsy, Folksy, and Not on the High Street may seem easy, but with everyone jumping on the trends it is becoming harder and harder to stand out! Plus, there are some potential dangers to be aware of. In this piece, we are going to break down 4 tips for getting started online.

1. Have a good website

As well as featuring your products on relevant platforms, it’s also a good idea to invest in a user-friendly site where people can order directly from you as well as being able to find out more about your business. You can also allow people to sign up for your newsletters so that you can inform them of any discounts or new product launches. Writing blogs for the site can also be really useful. This allows you to share your expertise as well as potentially being able to rank for different craft-related search terms!

2. Make sure you are properly insured

A lot of crafters think that just because you are not physically attending craft fairs or employing people, you don’t need to be covered, but this is not true! Online marketplaces are not responsible should your product cause harm, e.g. an exploding candle or a bath product that could cause an allergic reaction. It is better to be safe than sorry and ensure you have product liability insurance in place – a small cost compared to potential legal fees.

3. Engage with others on social media

Getting your business on platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and even Tik Tok can give your brand a boost. Make sure you’re posting regular content and sneak peeks of new products. The #UKCrafters hashtag has a very active community on both Twitter and Instagram, so it’s well worth having a daily scroll and engaging with others – they’re likely to return the favour!

When you first start, it might be worth considering getting a competition set up. This is how a lot of crafters get their first lot of followers and engagement. Who doesn’t love winning a free prize?

4. Take good photos

The standards for independent online sellers are rising, and many are now creating very aesthetically pleasing images and graphics for their social media. If you’re creating 70s -inspired wall prints, for example, why not dedicate a few hours to setting up and taking photos of a themed wall in your house where your customers can see how your prints would fit with the colour theme? What about a photo of it next to some matching flowers or wall hangings? Get creative!

It’s also worth considering investing in a proper photoshoot. This can really make your products look high quality. Or, you could teach yourself some photography tricks online – even spending a small amount on lighting can help.

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