5 Creative Ideas To Make Your Garden Kids Friendly

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I doubt there’s any better way to occupy the kids than to indulge them in the gardening activities.  Moreover, as an added benefit your kids can have a bit of fresh air and an opportunity to get intimate with nature.

Various studies point out that children need to spend a substantial amount of time performing outdoor activities as it is crucial for their physical and mental health.

With that in mind, we have compiled a list of 5 such creative and healthy ideas for your kids to employ in the garden.

So let’s explore ideas to make your garden kids friendly.

1. Real estate for your kids

Depending upon the size of your garden you can give your kid a plot or a window box.

Nevertheless having the liberty to do anything brings out the creative aspect of your kid, and the result is nothing short of amazement.

Once your kid is done with the set-up of space following step would be to plant in that space.

For that, you can provide some gardening books/magazines or websites and let your kid decide what he/she would want to grow in their patch of land.

2. Get artistic

It’s the innate nature of kids to be crafty and artistic. So an easy way to get them out into the garden is by having them make something which they see being used in your backyard like terracotta pots for instance.

There’s something unique about these hand-painted pots which makes the garden appear much more exquisite then normally. Perhaps the magic lies in the hands of our little ones.

Just remember to give them a free hand with the colors let them decide that.

3. An outdoor swing

Untapped Energy is synonymous with toddlers, and they need to channel that energy to stay relaxed and happy, one way to achieve that is with an outdoor baby swing.

There are plenty, to begin with so make sure you buy the one that suits your child the most.

4. Let there be water

Water in the garden is nothing short of being magical. You can have a cozy pond in your space, provided your kids are old enough.

You can further increase the tranquility and attractiveness of the pond by including certain helpful wildlife like toads, frogs, aquatic fishes, etc.

Kids would love to go for pond dipping and in summer they might help you in keeping the pond brimmed with water.

5. A bug hotel

Most kids are quite fond of bugs, and those tiny beasts are practically everywhere in our garden. It’s been witnessed that children of all ages just love to decorate a bug hotel, a haven for those little guests.

Many of these bugs help aerate and condition the soil while simultaneously pollinate the flowers and plants, which makes them gardener’s friends.


Each day it is becoming more and more daunting to get the kids away from their screens whether a mobile or television. Still, there are plenty of ways to compel them into spending time in the garden.

We hope these 5 ideas would help your kid realize the beauty and fun of gardening. Deltona garden maintenance providers can also help to make your garden beautiful and kids friendly.

So have fun.

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